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Wiki Loves Monuments Finland 2019

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The Finnish competition is organized by Wikimedia Finland, The Finnish Heritage Agency and the Finnish Photography Museum in collaboration with and Ajapaik.

Let's photograph Finnish heritage onto the World map![edit]

Cultural heritage sites around the country are photographed in the Finnish competition. It is also possible to participate in this year's competition by rephotographing historical photographs in their shooting locations.

This year's theme is Sacred place. It can be interpreted freely, but we have imported thousands of archaeological sites and updated information on religious buildings.

Description & Rules[edit]

Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photo contest dedicated to collecting pictures of historical monuments and heritage sites to illustrate articles in the worldwide free Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects.

What? Cultural heritage sites from the registers of the Finnish Heritage Agency form the core of locations to shoot. The sites are listed by region and municipality in the Wiki Loves Monuments lists.

When? 1.–30.9.2019.

Who? There are no country limitations, everybody can participate from any country.

How? You can upload your images via the Wiki Loves Monuments list. Rephotographs can be shot with the Ajapaik mobile app, which shows the nearby old images. The old and the new images are uploaded with a form for rephotography. Monumental app is also very useful for finding the sites on a map as well as uploading images shot on mobile.

How to participate[edit]

Note! It's essential to indicate your e-mail address during the registration or adding it to your preferences!

Cultural heritage objects[edit]

  • Find the target of your photography in the Wiki Loves Monuments list. Links to regional lists are listed below.
  • Click on the blue button on the list item to upload your photo.



List of Objects[edit]

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