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Bring your camera and visit our many heritage sites for a photo competition this September. We'd love to see your original views of Sweden, your skilled image composition and photos of exceptional quality - simply any photo of a heritage site identified as either of four selected categories. You certainly don't need to be a professional photographer to take photos useful for Wikipedia. Here's a great chance to try it out!


Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photographic competition to promote heritage sites around the world through Wikimedia projects (mainly Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons). The goal of the competition is to increase the number of images available from those sites, all freely usable as they are released under a free license. The international contest will take place from 1 September 2019 to 30 September 2019. This page introduces the Swedish part of the competition and everything you need to know to participate.

During the competition, you may contribute as many of your own photos of the eligible objects as you want. You are welcome to use photos taken at any time, but it must be uploaded during September to be considered. Mark your upload with the template {{Wiki Loves Monuments 2019|SE}} and a site identification code, so that it can be found. When submission period ends, the contest jury will evaluate the photos and choose the 10 best pictures. These photos of heritage sites in Sweden will be nominated in the international competition where the international jury selects the best photos in the world.

Eligible objects[edit]

The competition name refers to monuments, but in the Swedish context this is to be interpreted as anything from four types of heritage sites: protected buildings, ancient remains, protected ships and working life museums. Each of these sites are given unique identification numbers by official authorities and any official site is eligible. The lists below may not be fully up to date.


To be accepted for Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in Sweden, each submission must:

In addition, the uploading account must have:

Organizing team[edit]