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The purpose of this page is to help Flickr Photowalk organizers with finding eligible monuments in the city they're organizing the photowalk in. Wiki Loves Monuments volunteers monitor Flickr photowalk signup page and keep this page in sync with cities listed in that page.

Lists of monuments for cities with a scheduled photowalk

City Country Date List(s) Where is the Monument ID? Flickr or Wikimedia organized walk?

Instructions for Flickr photographers


The photos that you upload to Flickr as part of the Worldwide Flickr Photowalk in 2020 should meet the following criteria to be eligible for participation in the international Wiki Loves Monuments 2020. Your upload should be:

  • Self taken and self uploaded;
  • Uploaded in September 2020;
  • Freely licensed ():
    • These licenses (all versions) are fine: CC BY-SA, CC BY, and CC0.
    • No CC licenses with NC or ND will be accepted.
    • No PDM. Please note that due to copyright complexities, the 'Public Domain Mark' is incompatible.
  • Contain an identified monument;
  • Are tagged by country (where the monument is located in), city (where the monument is located in), and monument ID information (Read section How to identify monument ID below.). WLM2020 tag is strongly encouraged.
  • Nominated through a national contest (The international Wiki Loves Monuments team works with all participating national competitions to assure that your photo is reviewed as part of the national photo competition in that country.

How to identify the monument ID?


As a Flickr photographer, you're asked to include a series of taga as part of your submission, one of which is the monument ID of the monument you're submitting a photo for. The tables of monuments and the information available for monuments is different from country to country and this makes providing instructions on how to find this ID harder. We have included this information as part of a column called "Where is the Monument ID?" in the table in Section List of monuments for cities with a scheduled photoralk. If you are in doubt, please ask for help here or on Flickr.