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Wiki Loves Monuments 2020
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Why participate?

Participate in Wiki Loves Monuments, the largest photography competition in the world, and help Wikimedia projects to document monuments and heritage buildings.

Participating is fun! By sharing your photographed images of heritage nearby you with the world, people get the opportunity to explore more about Indian heritage and learn about it! It's a good challenge to display your photography skills, and you can win some nice prizes as well. The national jury will select ten images that will represent India in the international finale. These images will compete for the international awards. More information about the international competition is available here.

Judging criteria

The jury will determine the winners of the contest taking into consideration the following criteria. Kindly note that this is just not another photography contest. In order of importance, the criteria are as follows:

  • Effort put into researching the subject and taking the image – we welcome descriptive notes on the subject, how the photo was taken, processed etc.
  • Quality of description provided on the image (in any language) [judged primarily on the basis of what is provided by the image submitter rather than other contributors].
  • Value of the image in terms of usage – ideally demonstrated by usage in any Wikimedia project of any language with appropriate captions and well-referenced text surrounding the image that demonstrates that the article has been greatly enhanced by the image.* Value of the image based on uniqueness – is it filling a blank, is it from a location that is hard to reach, is it the only image of its kind etc.
  • Technical quality (sharpness, use of light, perspective, composition, etc.)
  • Grounds for rejection of submitted images can include but are not limited to:.
    • suspected of copyright violation;
    • if required jury members may contact participants via talk pages or email – if they cannot be reached or responses to emails are not received within 48 hours – then the submission may be considered suspect and be rejected, participants may please ensure that they enable email, watch talk pages, and check their spam folders;
    • lack of full EXIF information – where possible, contributors should include (or link to file versions with EXIF) other versions/from other angles in the other versions details;
    • excessive processing, use of filters that are unrealistic;
    • image does not document monument faithfully enough;
    • watermarks or credits on the image (credit to the author is ensured through the license and may also be included in the EXIF);
    • resolution below 5 megapixel.

Images that reach a top ranking of the international finale, will typically at least fulfill the technical criteria of the ‘Featured Image’ process at Wikimedia Commons. But feel free to submit any number of images, and let the jury decide if they are good enough.

How to participate
How to participate
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Step 1: Don't have a Wikimedia Commons account yet? Create one – takes just a few moments! Make sure that your email address is confirmed.

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Step 2: Find out your target monument from these lists.

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Step 3: We hope, you have taken good photos of some of the monuments previously from different angles. Start uploading them.

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Step 4: It is preferred to give the title of the image in the format Name of the Monument -Location -State Name -Serial Number (Example: Taj Mahal -Agra -Uttar Pradesh -DSC 0001.jpg).

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Step 5: Write down what you've photographed in the description part to let people know about the monument.

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Step 6: Images should be without any signature or watermark or border.

Find monuments to upload
Basic Competition rules

We try to keep the competition clean and simple to participate. There are few ground rules to participate in the contest for India. Let's quickly go through them. Every submission should:

  • be self taken and self uploaded;
  • be uploaded from 1 September 2020 to 30 September 2020;
  • have proper title and description;
  • have your permission with a CC BY-SA license to re-use the image;

Next to that, there are a few practical rules:

  • You should have a verified e-mail address on Wikimedia Commons;
  • If the photo gets deleted for any reason, it is automatically disqualified from the competition;
  • You are responsible for following the law while taking and uploading the photographs.