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Rani ki vav - Patan - Gujarat - Wall Decorations.jpg
1 – 30 September 2021
Wiki Loves Monuments 2021 in India

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Find monuments
Navigate through our maps to search the monuments.

Take photos
Click photos or search which you've previously taken.

Describe them
Give proper self-explanatory title and description identifying the monument.

Upload to Commons
Upload your pictures throughout September under a free license.

Participate in the world's largest photography competition.


1st: INR 12,000 worth gift voucher...
2nd: INR 10,000 worth gift voucher...
3rd: INR 8,000 worth gift voucher...

...and many more for other winners...

The top-ten photos will be forwarded to the international competition.


Arrow go next beige.svg Enable e-mail, so that you can be contacted.

Arrow go next beige.svg Follow law while clicking photographs.

Arrow go next beige.svg Consider jury decision as final and irrevocable.

Why participate?

WLM-icon-edit-neg.svg Help Wikipedia document and digitally preserve heritage.

WLM-icon-camera-neg.svg Improve your photography skills.

WLM-icon-prize-neg.svg Compete for both national and international competitions.

Competition rules

Arrow go next beige.svg self-clicked and self-uploaded

Arrow go next beige.svg at least 6 Mpx resolution

Arrow go next beige.svg uploaded within 1-30 September 2021

Arrow go next beige.svg proper title and description identifying the monument

Arrow go next beige.svg free license to re-use the image

Arrow go next beige.svg no watermark present

Judging criteria

Arrow go next beige.svg Effort put into researching the subject and taking the image

Arrow go next beige.svg Quality of description provided in any language

Arrow go next beige.svg Value in terms of usage on any Wikimedia project

Arrow go next beige.svg Value based on uniqueness

Arrow go next beige.svg Technical quality (sharpness, use of light, perspective, composition, etc.)

Grounds for rejection

Arrow facing right - Red.svg suspected of copyright violation

Arrow facing right - Red.svg lack of full EXIF information

Arrow facing right - Red.svg excessive processing & use of unrealistic filters

Arrow facing right - Red.svg lack of proper title to identify the monument

Arrow facing right - Red.svg vague or unfaithful documentation

Arrow facing right - Red.svg presence of watermarks

Arrow facing right - Red.svg resolution below 6 megapixel.