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Talk about WLM and presentation of the 2021 winners by Axel Pettersson and Ny Björn Gustafsson.

Here (presented December 2 at Wikipediadagen) are the results from the Swedish part of the 2021 Wiki Loves Monuments. The members of the jury are:

Mattias Blomgren
Wikipedian with a special interest in Göteborg and historical events. Chair of the board of Wikimedia Sverige.
Magdalena Åkerström
Expert on working life museums, and training in that field. Keeps an extra eye out for everything related to working life museums on Wikipedia, and also a former member of the WLM jury.
Karolina Matts
Maritime Museum hero keeping track of all listed ships in Sweden.
Sinikka Halme
Wikipedia community member who both adds photos to Commons and writes articles to make use of the photos.
Håkan Algotsson
WLE photographer adding winning photos to Commons.
Ny Björn Gustafsson
National Heritage Board staff member who is documenting ancient remains for both Commons and for the NHB.


First place[edit]

The kings stones, two standing stones in Öland, Sweden.
Photograph: Kristian Hedberg

Second place[edit]

Ismantorp Fortress, Öland.
Photograph: Leif Gustavsson

Third place[edit]

Ale's Stones, Skåne.
Photograph: Harri Kantola

International finale[edit]

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