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Wiki Loves Monuments 2022 in the Philippines
October 1st to 31st, 2022

Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) is an international photography competition to promote historical sites around the World through Wikimedia projects (mainly Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons). Everyone can participate in the competition which aims to highlight and promote the cultural heritage sites of the participating countries with the goal to encourage people to capture pictures of historically and culturally significant sites, and to put them under a free license as opposed to traditional copyright which can then be re-used not only on Wikipedia but everywhere by everyone freely.

Philippines has been organizing Wiki Loves Monuments competition. Since 2018 more than 2,000 pictures have been uploaded under creative commons license through this event. Everyone, be it a newbie or expert photographer can participate.

Join us and contribute free-licensed photographs of cultural and historical heritages in the Philippines.


Find a monument from the given list, take a photo and upload it to Wikimedia Commons:
Please check the Priority List of Monuments before you upload

Thanks for your support

List of monuments
There are plenty of cultural and historical monuments in your region. Check the list of monuments and note the monument ID!

Valued and Quality Images
Check the gallery of Valued, Quality and Featured pictures uploaded during the entire competition.

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Please visit the winning photographs of the monuments from this year's competition at the end of December, 2022.

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Click here to check the global statistics of uploaded photographs and number of uploaders in this ongoing photo competition.


1. includes Maffeth Opiana (contact person)
2. Judith.arendaing
3. Marife Altabano
4. LeahLhey

Why participate?

Wiki Loves Monuments in the Philippines is an online photography competition to promote the cultural heritage sites of the Philippines. The photography competition is part of the international annual photography competition Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM), which is officially the biggest photography competition in the World according to the Guinness World Records. This is the third successive year the Philippines is participating in this biggest photography competition.

Competition rules

We try to keep the competition clean and simple to participate. There are only a few rules for photos to participate in the contest in the Philippines. Let's quickly go through them. Every submission should be:
BKV m 1 jms.svg All entries must be your own work; do not manipulate original images and make sure that there is no visible watermarks.
BKV m 2 jms.svg All photos must be uploaded within October 2022, to be eligible
BKV m 3 jms.svg All photos must be licensed under CC BY-SA license
BKV m 4 jms.svg Participants must have an active email account, if the organizers wish to contact
BKV h5 jms.svg Upload photos from the priority list of Monuments of the Philippines
BKV h6 jms.svg Captions and description are required
BKV h7 jms.svg Do not forget to add categories to your picture it will be helpful to everyone looking for your picture
BKV h8 jms.svg Make sure that you are not uploading duplicate images

Next to that, there are a few practical rules:
BKV m 1 jms.svg Sign in or Create a New Account on Wikimedia Commons
BKV m 2 jms.svg Name your photos well
BKV m 3 jms.svg Use our Upload Button at the top OR Click here to upload images
BKV m 4 jms.svg Share your upload success on social media with our hashtags: #WLMPhilippines #WLM2022.
BKV h5 jms.svg And wait patiently for the results! All the best!

In October, you may upload pictures (old or new) as you want from the given monuments list that you have visited. At the end of the competition, the national jury will evaluate the photographs and select the best 10 pictures of the monuments in the Philippines to submit to represent in the international finale. The international jury will then announce the international winners later.

Theme of this year competition

The main theme of this year’s competition is to collect Quality Images, Valued Images and Featured Images of built heritage particularly churches, lighthouses and bridges during the Spanish period, Gabaldon school buildings and colonial structures build during the American period, and other monuments of the Philippines that were not be covered in the previous editions as well as images from the priority list of cultural heritage sites.

Haiyan 2013 landfall.gif
In 2013, Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), which engulfed almost 90% of the country, has destroyed thousands of Filipino heritage monuments and objects. For this reason, we also encourage you to submit images of Monuments which you have captured before that is now damaged by natural disasters and other reasons as well documentation of Monuments that is or was under construction, during its construction, and after it has been restored. You can check the submitted entries so far through this competition.

The Jury

Our jury will process the images through two or three rounds during October. At the end of this process, the jury determines the top 10. If there are any doubts about the implementation of the rules, the jury decides.

Judging criteria

The jury will determine the winners of the international contest taking into the consideration the following criteria (in no particular order):

  • Technical quality (sharpness, use of light, perspective etc.);
  • Originality;
  • Usefulness of the image for Wikipedia.

Images that reach a top ranking of the international finale, will typically at least fulfill the technical criteria of the ‘Featured Image’ process at Wikimedia Commons. But feel free to submit images, and let the jury be concerned if they are good enough.

Uploading images