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Iran's Wiki Loves Monuments photography competition returns in 2023 to capture and document Iran's more than 26,000 national monuments, spread across the country. These monuments, big and small, famous and not so famous, some even forgotten, are part of our heritage. They all should be photographed and documented, to make learning about Iran's heritage possible, for us and for generations to come. Help us achieve this goal!

The winners[edit]

Contest Rules[edit]

We ask that you follow a few round rules for your photos to be considered eligible.

  1. Pictures must be uploaded between TBC . ( Jalali Calendar). Photos can be taken at any date. Historical pictures welcome!
  2. Pictures must be taken and uploaded by the same user. Users must be registered with a valid email address to be eligible for prizes.
  3. Pictures previously uploaded to Wikimedia sites are not eligible.
  4. All pictures must be licensed under one of Wikimedia Commons' many supported free licenses.
  5. Pictures must be encyclopedic and prominently feature one of the more than 26,000 nationally recognized monuments.

How to enter[edit]

Iran has 33,000+ registered monuments, let's get to work documenting them with beautiful photos!

  • Find the monuments you want to upload photo(s) for and their corresponding unique IDs. To do this, you can use one of the following ways:
  • Eligible monuments for the competition along with their unique IDs are organized in lists based on their geographic area (province and city). At the moment, these pages are only available in Persian. You can click here for a province-based portal into the tables of the monuments. If you cannot read in Persian, please read on.
  • Try using cross-language links from your local wiki to find the unique ID of the monument you are interested in
  • Ask questions via this page's Discussion page (sign your name with ~~~~). We do our best to help you as much as we can.
  • Upload (upload button below). Note that if you do not have a Wikimedia Commons account you will need to create one (very easy, only takes a few minutes.) Make sure to register with a valid email address so we can contact you if your photo wins.
Upload your photos

Judging criteria[edit]

There are three main judging criteria for Iran's contest as well as the international contest:

  • Technical quality - This criterion is about the technical quality of the picture: sharpness and resolution, perspective not being distorted, and more. Usually, the winning pictures satisfy Wikimedia Commons technical criteria for featured pictures which you can read here.
  • Originality - The original way of photographing a monument at the time of photo shooting is considered. Ideally, the setting of the photo shooting is such that it provides a new angle for viewing and learning about the monument.
  • Usefulness of the image on Wikipedia - One of the main goals of Iran's competition is to collect good photos of the monuments of Iran to be used on Wikipedia. This means photos should be usable in an encyclopedic context (no misrepresentation of the monument, distracting details, etc.)


For all questions that do not need to be discussed in a private environment, please contact us through the Discussion page. If you need to reach out to us privately, please contact us at