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Map of Nidwalden
Map of Nidwalden

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Coat of Nidwalden
Coat of Nidwalden

The list of cultural heritage of the Canton Nidwalden offers an overview of directories of objects under protection of cultural property in the municipalities of the canton of Nidwalden. The directories contain cultural asset of national and regional.

Objects of A and B category and Swiss Heritage Sites. The lists are sorted by municipality:

Location Upload Photo Object Cat. Coordinates KGS-Nr
Beckenried Upload a file Altes Schützenhaus
Altes Schützenhaus B 46°58′00″N 8°28′07″E / 46.966783°N 8.468704°E / 46.966783; 8.468704 4146
Beckenried Upload a file
Bauernhaus am Kirchweg bei der Klewenalp-Bahn B 46°57′59″N 8°28′24″E / 46.966381°N 8.473427°E / 46.966381; 8.473427 4147
Beckenried Upload a file
Bauernhaus Isenringen mit Speicher B 46°58′09″N 8°28′17″E / 46.969054°N 8.471258°E / 46.969054; 8.471258 4148
Beckenried Upload a file
Haus Ermitage B 46°58′13″N 8°28′06″E / 46.970357°N 8.468418°E / 46.970357; 8.468418 4150
Beckenried Upload a file
Kapelle St. Anna B 46°57′48″N 8°29′05″E / 46.963266°N 8.484602°E / 46.963266; 8.484602 4152
Beckenried Upload a file Katholische Kirche St. Heinrich
Katholische Kirche St. Heinrich B 46°57′58″N 8°28′33″E / 46.966°N 8.475785°E / 46.966; 8.475785 4151
Beckenried Upload a file Wallfahrtskapelle in Ridli
Wallfahrtskapelle in Ridli B 46°58′11″N 8°27′21″E / 46.96971°N 8.45593°E / 46.96971; 8.45593 4154
Beckenried Upload a file
Ridli ISOS 46°58′00″N 8°28′09″E / 46.9667°N 8.4693°E / 46.9667; 8.4693
Beckenried Upload a file Beckenried
Beckenried ISOS 46°57′59″N 8°28′29″E / 46.9665°N 8.4747°E / 46.9665; 8.4747

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