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For a more general description on structured lists I recommend taking a look at Commons:Wiki Loves Monuments 2011/Structured lists which includes and example as well.
Alternatively for a real-life WLPA example see the Catalan header and row template along with an example. The templates below are largely based on these.

In short a structured list is made up of two parts. A header template and a row template. Each list starts with a header and then contains one row template per artwork. After the last row template |} must be added to close the table. An example template structure has been created below

and an example on what the list might look like can be seen at

Depending on your situation you may want to add or remove some of the parameters. Parameters may also be included but hidden from view. E.g. the region parameter is not displayed in the example above but having it included means it can still be used (in the database and in the coordinate link).

Of course you would also localize the parameter names and the displayed text to the language of your wiki.