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Title Artist Description Year Type Indoors? Municipality City district Address Coordinates ID Image
no NOCOORDS {{{id}}}


{{Commons:Wiki Loves Public Art 2013/Documentation/Structured lists/row
 | id           = 
 | title        = 
 | artist       = 
 | description  = 
 | year         = 
 | type         = 
 | fop          = 
 | indoors      = 
 | address      = 
 | region       = 
 | municipality = 
 | district     = 
 | lat          = 
 | long         = 
 | image        = 
 | commonscat   = 
  • id= this needs to be a unique id no. This parameter is always required
  • title= the name of the artwork
  • artist= the name of the artist(s)
  • description= a short description of the artwork
  • year= the year in which the artwork was erected/commissioned
  • type= what type of artwork it is
  • fop= an indication of whether FoP applies to this artwork. Suggested is that this accepts three (or four) values
    • PD: The artwork is in the public domain. FoP is not necessary
    • YES: FoP applies to this artwork
    • NO: FoP does not apply to this artwork (and so images of this artwork cannot be uploaded to Commons)
    • (CC: The artwork is under some license which is compatible with Commons. FoP is not necessary)
  • indoors= Whether the artwork is indoors (or outdoors). Suggested is that this only takes yes/no as values
  • region= Regional code per ISO 3166-2
  • municipality= - the municipality in which the artwork is found
  • district= - The city district in which the artwork is found
  • address= - The address at which the artwork is found
  • lat=, long= Coordinates
  • image= filename of an image on Commons; without the "File:" prefix.
  • commonscat= name of category on Commons which is specific to this artwork; without the "Category:" prefix.

Meta parameters (i.e. other stuff you would need to localise):

  • DEFAULTCAT - Default category for images on commons (can be set through upload campaign or using a per region/type subtemplate)
  • EXTERNALURL - URL to object on source webpage, would normally embed {{{id}}}
  • FOPTEMPLATE - Country FoP template
  • FOPNOTOK - Text indicating it's probably not ok to photograph this object
    • e.g. It's believed that you may not photograph this artwork
  • FOPSECTION - Country specific section title on COM:FOP
  • SHOWMORE - Text inviting to look at more images
    • e.g. Show more images of this artwork
  • UPLOADTEXT - Text inviting to upload
    • e.g. Upload an image of this artwork
  • CAMPAIGNCODE - campaigncode at Special:UploadCampaigns (without the wlpa- prefix)
  • LANG - the language code in which the description is given
  • PD/YES/NO/CC - FoP alternatives
  • NOCOORDS - Text saying coordinates are missing
    • e.g. no coordinates