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Legislative situation[edit]

Because of the rather unclear Swedish national FoP laws we are this year focusing mainly on old artworks, both from outdoor (if we can get lists from somewhere) and from museums.

Our database[edit]

To build our database we have been talking to the National Public Art Council Sweden and they have a database that covers their own collection (that is nation wide) but not the municipalities art collections (which mean that the database is far from complete and we are therefore also contacting the municipalities directly). We have received funding from Vinnova to create the database and set up the necessary infrastructure.

Organizing team[edit]

  • Eva Fransson (national coordinator)
  • Carina Lagerlöf (event organizer)
  • Arild Vågen (contacting Wikimedia volunteers)
  • Andreas Lundgren (website)
  • Axel Pettersson (WMSE) (general support)
  • John Andersson (WMSE) (general support)

Upload wizard[edit]

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