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  • Can non-Indian citizens or Indians living abroad participate in this contest?
Yes, non-Indian citizens or Indians living abroad CAN participate in this contest and you may even win the title! But such participants are requested to bear in mind that since the prizes are handed over by the Indian organizers, we are restricted by our local regulations to disperse money within India only.
  • How do you define something as an Indian uniformed service?
The scope of the contest is clearly defined on the page regarding the same. Further queries are welcome on the talk page.
  • Any idea of pictures not welcomed for this contest...
  1. Avoid uploading from online sources.
  2. Avoid uploading media that is not photograph (video, pdf etc.,)
  3. Not a service based from India
  4. Duplicate pictures of the same scene presented in multiple angles.
  5. Pictures not having clear encyclopedic value
  6. Pictures where services is not the prime subject
  7. Do not watermark or frame your images.
  • How many pictures can I upload?
You can upload as many pictures you wish. However, before the images are forwarded to the judgement panel, the final decision on eligibility will taken by the coordinators. We encourage to upload pictures of varying Indian uniformed services instead of the same scene in various angles. If possible, you can give preference for the photographs of the services that don't have a picture already on Commons. If an image of a subject already exists, try to upload a better image of that subject as that shall serve more purpose on Wikimedia projects.
  • Can you show some sample images?
Here are some sample images: