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Wiki Loves ZEOs is a photocontest based on Wiki Loves Monuments covering those historical sites, objects and monuments related to Esperanto, Esperantujo or Zamenhof.

The Esperantists (Esperanto-speakers), despite not having a country of their own, are a big community with a culture and identity of their own. Since Zamenhof began Esperanto, Esperantists scattered throughout the world created monuments, named streets and square or simply somehow left some of Esperantujo in those places where they lived. Several of these sites don't have freely licensed photos yet. You can submit your photos about ZEOs through this competition, and help document the heritage of the Esperantist and show it to the entire world. Photographs must be submitted during August 2018, but can have been taken at any time before then.

Unlike other local versions, Vikio Amas ZEOjn is a competition organized collectively by volunteers from different countries, in line with the spirit of internationality of the Esperanto community.

See below for more information on how to participate.

What is a ZEO?[edit]

To take part in the contest your photos must be in accordance with at least one of the following categories originally created by Hugo Röllinger in the book «Monumente pri Esperanto»:

  • Streets, avenues, squares, parks, etc. Officially named because of Zamenhof or Esperanto. The names on all occasions must appear regularly on the signage of addresses, maps or similar.
  • Constructions named after Zamenhof or Esperanto. For example: Monuments, bridges, culture houses, commemorative plaques, museums, etc.
  • Companies, shops, clinics, restaurants, hotels, etc. Named because of Zamenhof or Esperanto.
  • Objects officially named in honor of persons, whose merits are exclusively or at least in most cases related to Esperantism. The description of the object should mention the word "Zamenhof" or "Esperanto". (It is a valid ZEO, for example, the commemorative plaque of the former mayor of the Italian city of Trento, Peterlongo, since the plaque makes mention of the merits as an Esperantist of Peterlongo, due to the fact that he translated Dante's "Divine Comedy" from the archaic Italian language to Esperanto)
  • Objects officially named in relation to persons whose main reason for receiving such an honor was their activity as Esperantists. (For example the "Plaza Doctor Juan Régulo Pérez" in La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain)

In short, photos related to Esperanto, its culture and creator are accepted in a broad sense.

If you have any questions about whether your photo is appropriate to compete or not, do not hesitate to contact us

Basic rules and guidelines[edit]

You can participate in the competition by uploading your photo of one or multiple of ZEOj during August 2018. The photos will be judged by a special jury (to be announced) and the best pictures will be prized! This is your chance to share your proud memories of your stay at Esperantujo.

Between 1 and 31 August, you can submit your photos through the dedicated upload form. Please make sure to include the dedicated ZEO identifier - you can find those on the ZEO lists linked above (for example: co-001).

Rules for participation:

  • Your photo should contain an identified Zamenhof/Esperanto-Object in the list
  • Your photo must be freely licensed under Wikimedia Commons policies (the default CC BY-SA license should be sufficient)
  • Your photo must be tagged and categorized (using the form linked above should take care of it) and submitted in the month of August (Universal Coordinated Time, UTC + 0) - but it can have been taken at any time
  • Make sure your account has a confirmed email address attached to it, that can be used to contact you as winner
  • When in doubt, the 'local organisers' (Sahaquiel9102 and User:Remux) will decide.
  • You can consult the full guidelines here.

The jury for 2018 will consist of:

  • Juan Sebastian Quintero Santacruz, former Vice-president of the Colombia's Esperanto League, Cultural Coordinator of Wikimedia Colombia and longtime Wikimedian (also coordinator).
  • Ivan Camilo Quintero Santacruz, former Secretary of the Colombia's Esperanto League, former President of the Colombia's Esperanto Youth Organization, Wikimedia Colombia's Treasurer and longtime Wikimedian.
  • Nicolas Maia, member of the Carioca Esperanto Youth Organization and longtime Wikipedian.

Examples of ZEOs[edit]


If you have any questions, or want to get in touch with the organisers, please leave a message on the talkpage or get in touch with Sahaquiel9102.

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