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Nuvola France flag.svg Nuvola Indonesian flag.svg These are the finalists for WSC2017 in France. This category also include by default files from Monaco.

This country did not have a specific national organizer or a national coordination page.


  • This country has a category for its files, other files from there might have been uploaded after the local deadline and moved to the 2017 international category if such deadline was still valid.
  • As of now, the files in the local category uploaded within the local deadline are 55, with 5 obviously unsuitable files.
  • Uploaders statistics are available here.

Specific classes of files[edit]


  • Wikidata-logo-v3.png - Nuvola France flag.svg Olivier DELAUNE (physics)
  • Wikidata-logo-v3.png - Nuvola Italy flag.svg/Nuvola Chinese flag.svg Alessandro MARCHETTI (chemistry)
  • Wikidata-logo-v3.png - Nuvola Belgian flag.svg/Nuvola South African flag.svg Mascha STROOBANT (biology)
  • the selection lasted from 2017-12-31 to 2018-01-31.
  • the results were published on 2018-03-31.


This country had the following files considered as possible finalists:

Files that were uploaded as part of a set are marked with (S), additional sets could have been reconstructed by the organizers.


People in science[edit]

1st national finalist
Polar scientific diver.

Microscopy images[edit]

Emblem-scales-red.svg no finalist was selected due to lack of candidates

Non-photographic media[edit]

1st national finalist 2nd national finalist
Video of red weaver ants transporting a dead gecko, in Laos .
Basile Morin
Protocol to obtain olfactory bulbs from rats.

Image sets[edit]

1st national finalist 2nd national finalist
Cow giving birth, in Laos.
Basile Morin
Scientific monitoring of ibexes in the Vanoise National Park.

General category[edit]

1st national finalist 2nd national finalist
Diplulmaris antarctica, underwater antarctic biodiversity (French scientific base in Antarctica).
Dragonfly (Anisoptera) in flight, in a paddy field, in Laos.
Basile Morin
3rd national finalist
Couple of Common House Geckos (Hemidactylus frenatus), mating.
Basile Morin