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Winner II prize III prize
Cross-section of the stalk of Physocarpus opulifolius. Anatoly Mikhaltsov TIG, Metallography, AISI 439 and AISI 430, Welding, Macro structure. KDA-TRUE-TECH The processed electron image of titanium dioxide nanotubes obtained by anodization of titanium metal. The diameter of tube is 70 nm, the length is 1000 nm. Robertokamalov

Winner II prize III prize
Predatory fungus Cordyceps gray-ashy (Cordyceps entomorrhiza) sprouted from the body of the struck beetle Carpus nemoralis. Cordyceps is able to control the behavior of the victim. Alexey Zakharinskij A silicone oil ball in front of the anterior chamber artificial lens (IOL) of the eye. Veselkovamaria Marking the nestling of the rough-legged buzzard with GPS-logging tracker. A photo from the geographical expedition to the Yamal Peninsula. Shtirlitz74

Winner II prize III prize
Weather observations by using an automatic station at a camp on the foot of Mount Erebus (Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica). Tsy1980 A second before... Advanced Green Materials Laboratory, National University of Science and Technology MISiS. Sgnuskov Clearing of the bony layer and description of the bones of the skeleton of the trogonterian elephant - the ancestor of the Woolly Mammoth. Museumpk

Non-photographic media from Russia
Winner II prize III prize
A protozoan (Loxophyllum meleagris) and ciliates. Differential-interference contrast. Alexander Klepnev The video highlights significant importance of a delicate balance between individual and collective behaviour of objects for vital capacity of complex systems (human society, biological systems etс). The model of self-organizing realistic neural network evolving in discrete time serves as an example of a complex system. German Chernykh & Irina Chernykh Accelerated 4 times the movement of the amoeba under a microscope. Inside the amoeba, one-celled algae are visible, which it ate. Differential-interference contrast. Alexander Klepnev

Image sets from Russia - Winner

Aésculus hippocástanum 1.jpg Aésculus hippocástanum 2.jpg Aésculus hippocástanum 3.jpg Aésculus hippocástanum 4.jpg Aésculus hippocástanum 5.jpg

Transformation of the fetus Aésculus hippocástanum. AlixSaz

Image sets from Russia - II prize

Разнообразие семян.tif Зерно красного риса.jpg Семя ежевики.jpg Семя инжира.jpg Семя киви.jpg Семя клубники.jpg Семя физалиса.jpg Семя красного перца.jpg Семя маракуйи.jpg Семя облепихи.jpg

Семя малины.jpg Семя голубики.jpg Семя гранадиллы.jpg

Seeds of various plants: poppy, rice, red pepper, sea buckthorn, dill, black pepper, mustard, pink pepper, kiwi, Butane red rice, raspberry, passion fruit, golden kiwi, blueberries, physalis, blackberries. Alexander Klepnev

Image sets from Russia - III prize

Водоросли пресноводного водоема 2.jpg Водоросли пресноводного водоема.jpg Микроорганизмы пресноводного водоема.jpg

Overview of microorganisms inhabiting the freshwater pond in Moscow (the Main Botanical Garden of NV Tsitsin, RAS). Differential-interference contrast. Various species of unicellular, colonial algae (including diatoms), amoeba, ciliates, rotifers are presented. Alexander Klepnev