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Wikilivres was a site (created by Yann Forget, laster maintained by others) with similar goals to Wikisource and Wikimedia Commons, but which is not maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF). It was now hosted in New Zealand at the end of its life and was previously hosted in South Korea and originally hosted in Canada. There has been some overlap between users of WMF sites, members of Wikimedia Canada, and the Wikilivres community but no formal relationship between them was established.

Wikilivres was a helpful alternative for some media which are not public domain in the United States but which are in New Zealand, where works enter the public domain 50 years after the death of their creator.

Material was routinely ported from here and Wikisource to Wikilivres so that it is still available online.

Users can create links to Wikilivres using the interwiki map by typing [[wikilivres:foo]]. Standard linking syntax also works so that entering [[wikilivres:foo|bar]] will only display bar with a link to the intended target. This functionality will likely be removed in the future.

Like Commons and Old Wikisource, Wikilivres is multilingual and encourages the translation of the interface and of texts ported there.

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