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For the writing counterpart to this competition, see MetaWiki.

Wikimania 2005 - Overview[edit]


Wikimaniacs: Please have a look at the former finalists.

Category: Sketches and Artwork[edit]

Sketches and Artwork

This category includes all manner of sketches, hand-drawn or -painted illustrations.

For nominations see Sketches and Artwork

Category: Maps and Diagrams[edit]

Maps and Diagrams

This include any diagram or map that is interesting informative and aesthetically pleasing.

For nominations see Maps and Diagrams

Category: Photography - Nature[edit]

Photography - Nature

A specific insect, plant, animal etc. or a more general image of natural phenomena. Subjects must be accurately identified in order to make them fully suitable for the projects (i.e. "insect" is not sufficient, which species is it?).

For nominations see Photography - Nature

Category: Photography - People[edit]

Photography - People

This can be a specific person mentioned on the projects, or a more general illustration of a person (for example doing a particular job or of a particular nationality).

For nominations see Photography - People

Category: Photography - Places[edit]

Photography - Places

This includes landmarks from particular places as well as more general images.

For nominations see Photography - Places

Category: Photography - Objects[edit]

Photography - Objects

A catch-all category. Might include an illustration of a recipe for Wikibooks, a household item for an article on Wikipedia, and so on.

For nominations see Photography - Objects

Category: Audio[edit]


Entries in this category should be recordings of music, speech, sounds of nature, or other audio content. For information on and help with audio formats, see meta and en.wikipedia.

For nominations see Audio

Category: Animation[edit]


Entries in this category should be animated gifs or shorts, or edited video of drawings, puppets, clay, etc.

For nominations see Animation

Category: Video[edit]


Entries in this category should be video clips, edited shorts, or other true-to-life video content. For information on and help with video formats, see meta.

For nominations see Video

Special Categories[edit]

Category: Wikimania[edit]


Content created on the way to or at the Wikimania conference - Photography, Audio, Video.
Submissions must be complete by sometime on August 6th.

For nominations see Wikimania (first submissions welcome on August 4th)