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This is an evolvong project plan for the Wikimaps project. It will take it's form based on interests of the participants. Please let us know if you are interested in contributing or participating. Make notes, add comments!

Collaboration Wikimaps & OpenHistoricalMap[edit]

The Wikimaps and the OpenHistoricalMap projects have been working closely together. Could we launch common projects?

  • Work with the workflow and tools together
  • Create projects that involve mappers and glammers

Commons - Images - Scanned maps -axis[edit]

Map search[edit]

The Wikimaps project pilots a maps search. The search should at least cover the maps at Wikimedia Commons, but it would be preferable to be able to search and rectify any openly available map, and save it in Commons. Realizing the search requires synchronization between the Commons Wikibase, Wikidata and the rest of the Wikimaps project. The right open source technology for the search and display needs to be chosen and adjusted for the environment.

Aerial imagery[edit]

Working with aerial images requires many questions to be tackled.

  • Storage for imagery, both hobbyist and GLAM
  • Rectification requires freely available elevation models
  • The control point interfaces may be shared, using different processing

Current collaboration between the City of Helsinki and the National Land Survey of Finland Aerial Images

Geolocating images and documents[edit]

Expanding the Wikimaps tools to place photographs by pinning, control points and 3D placement by web interfaces and mobile augmented reality apps. The control point interface of the Warper may be used on oblique aerial images, and possibly also some outdoor photography.

OpenHistoricalMap - Vector maps -axis[edit]

Vector rendering for historical maps[edit]

Historical map tiles need to be available for any time or period, rather than pre-rendered as bitmap tiles for selected points in time.

Wikimaps Gazetteer[edit]

Place names can be extracted from maps with the help of suitable interfaces. This is naturally part of the OpenHistoricalMap vectorization process. The storage for name changes comes naturally to Wikidata, and the data exchange between Wikidata and the OpenHistoricalMap should be tackled.

Crowdsourcing apps[edit]

  • Evaluating historical geographic data by checking it on a historical map
  • Placing images on maps
  • Marking images as maps in Commons
  • Georeferencing on mobile, on location
  • Collaboration with organizations who have tackled crowdsourcing and maps apps would be desirable.

Nordic & GLAM focus[edit]

Wiki Loves Maps[edit]

In 2014 the Wikimaps Nordic project will rehearse with hackathons about maps with experiences from #Hack4DK, #Hack4FI and Apps4Finland. Wiki Loves Maps can be a further elaborated event model, possibly taking advantage of the experiences of the New York Library Map Hack.

Local history[edit]

The geo approach requires broader support for geographic knowledge building. We must tackle the notability limitation for folklore, oral history and vernacular knowledge. Does it require a new wiki project for local history or can Wikipedia be expanded with unverified information?

  • Local history wikis in Finland and the Nordic countries
  • Making a connection to Fenno Ugric languages projects
  • Piloting localities
    • Helsinki - Aleksanterinkatu. Many GLAMs are collaborating on gathering materials about the location.
    • The Archipelago Sea between Finland and Sweden. The area is bilingual: Swedish and Finnish-speaking, and the historical materials can be found in Swedish archives. There are connections to local communities, universities and GLAMs.
  • Worldwide: Event model for a cultural historical expedition? Working with any locality.