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Notes made at Wikimaps Roundtable[edit]

Wikimania Hong Kong, Wed 7th Aug 2013, 15:30–17:00, Room M108

Summarized needs[edit]

  • Installation of the tileserver environment
  • Embedding OSM maps on Wikipedia pages
  • Enabling an environment for creating data driven maps
  • Handling geospatial data in Wikimedia
    • Practices for (geo)data mass uploads: / bots / community / maintenance
  • "Wikimaps" becoming a term for maps in Wikipedia. Not an umbrella. A thematic glue. Maps & geodata community.


  • Fabrice Florin (WMF)
  • Luis Villa (WMF)
  • Niklas Laxström (WMF/WMFI)
  • Daniel Schwen (Dschwen) meta:WikiMiniAtlas
  • Daniel Kinzler
  • Maarten Dammers
  • Tim Alder (Kolossos) OSM-Gadget
  • John Andersson
  • Barbara Fischer
  • Lopez Hugo (fr:Yug)
  • Susanna Ånäs (Susannaanas)

Presented projects[edit]

1. Maarten Dammers: Map content donation

2. Limes Project (Barbara Fischer)
The challenge is the provide the resources to be able to interact with for example OSM in order to be able to be able to integrate interactive maps into WP articles. Taking account that maps are to be considered as valuable knowledge store as text or image the task should welcome some emphasis.

3. Interesting project (but nobody related present)

4. Wikimaps guidelines, Locator maps automatic generation project (Hugo Lopez)
Out of 8 years of map making by Wikipedia's volunteers cartographers, the following map families and associated guidelines have been gathered:

5. Wikidata & Maps (Daniel Kinzler)

6. Gradiants Maps (Maarten Dammers~ Multichill) Would be cool if this would make possible! Possible datasource for admin levels: naturalearthdata Other source: OpenStreetMap - WIWOSM

7. Wikimaps, georeferencing old maps (Susanna Änäs) Wikimaps project's introduction:

Projects / tasks in the scope of Wikimaps[edit]

  • WMF OSM tile serving
  • GLAM-work: Wikimaps Nordic in the Nordic countries
  • Wikimaps Warper: Warping historical maps on the Commons
    • Storing the rectification data: in the Warper / in Wikidata?
  • Map metadata: map template (Commons), map properties (Wikidata)
  • Storing historical geometries
    • OpenStreetMap OHM for map geometries
    • Wikidata for thematic geometries?
    • Wikidata datatypes for mappings in the warper? Datatype for geometries.
    • Collaboration with other gazetteer projects.
  • Mapslab (Hugo's project to make better maps for Wikipedia)
  • Embedding OSM maps in Wikipedia
  • Support of multilingual maps for Wikipedia:

Related projects[edit]

Requirements for OSM-Tileserver[edit]

Copy can be found at:

  • Capacity to handle requests from Wikipedia (OSM-Gadget, WikiMiniAtlas), Commons, Wikimaps and Mobile
    • Expectation are going from 200 Tiles/sec (What we have now on Toolserver) to 30000 Tiles per sec
  • Support of different styles that are popular on Toolserver
    • OSM-default, OSM without labels, hikebikemap
    • Support for topo-data (hillshading),
    • Satellite imagery (Earth + NASA stuff)
  • Support of multilingual maps
  • Later support for Vector-Tiles for Mapnik
    • Database-Layout must contain "hstore"