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Wikimaps planning[edit]

Please join a meeting to plan Wikimaps collaboratively!

3.12.2014 at 8:00 PDT - 11:00 EST - 16:00 BST - 17:00 CET - 18:00 EET - 21:00 IST

Wikimaps is organizing communities for planning. There are already GLAM & map Wikipedians, OpenHistoricalMappers and others involved in the Wikimaps ”dev” community. Wikimaps Nordic will form a project community from the beginning of January.

We’ll arrange a Video conference with Tuesday December 3 at 8:00 PDT - 11:00 EST - 16:00 BST - 17:00 CET - 18:00 EET - 21:00 IST

Sign up in the collaborative Etherpad

Let's talk freely about what Wikimaps could be. To make the conversation livelier, I have poured ideas in this sketch. See, comment and discuss it here:


Introductions 30 min

  1. Round for presentations max 1 min per person
  2. Brief presentations of Wikimaps projects ~2 min / ~8 projects

Discussion 70 min

  1. Discuss expectations. Create working groups. Focus on a project or two.
  2. What kind of technologies and communication tools we will use

Practicalities 20 min

  1. Future schedule for the process
  2. To-Do before the next meeting