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Wikimédia Magyarország, the Hungarian chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, held its first ever international picture competition in 2009.

The aim of the competition


The aim of the competition is to promote publishing under free licences by collecting and rewarding good quality pictures that have a Hungarian aspect.[1]

Hungarian aspect


Discover your country, neighbourhood, surely there is something in your vicinity that has a Hungarian aspect, some Hungarian ancestry! To give you an idea how global is the theme we have chosen, we compiled a far from complete list of all the things we would love to see a picture of submitted to this competition. If you are unsure, or would have suggestions about this list, see below, how you can contact us.

Participation criteria


You can participate with digital pictures of at least 2 mega pixels resolution, picture series, illustrations, art works, animations or videos (hereinafter: pictures) that have a Hungarian aspect and have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons after 15 March 2009[2] under a suitable licence.[3] The pictures need to be the submitter's own work with a filled-out description page according to the conventions of Wikimedia Commons. One submission can contain one picture or series of pictures but multiple submissions are welcome from the same person.

Duration of the competition


You can submit your work between 15 March and 15 June 2009.



The submissions will be subject to community assessment between 16 June and 16 July 2009.[4] The aim of the assessment is to find the most successful image. During the assessment all the usual criteria (technical realization, composition, mood, ability to successfully convey its message, etc.) should be taken into consideration. The assessment is done by awarding 1 to 3 points to submissions, the submissions can only be supported (not all submissions need to be assigned a point and more than one submission can receive the same number of points). The competition is decided based on the number of points, the picture with the most points wins.

Anyone can participate in the assessment if they have registered before 1 February 2009 in a Wikimedia project and have made at least 100 edits on any project. A user can only vote once even if they have more user accounts; on suspicion of abuse the jury may request a check. The first ten (in their category) will receive a distinction and the first three (in their category) submissions will be rewarded with a Wikimedia gift package.[5] The best submissions will be showcased in an online gallery.

Assessment is now over. Voting period was from 1 July to 14 July. You can see result of the assessment on this page.



The results of the competition are here. Wikimedia Hungary thanks everyone for their participation and quality submissions. The winners will be contacted about their prizes.



The jury of the competition is the same as the Board of Wikimédia Magyarország. It is responsible for organizing the competition, handling the submissions, ensuring the regularity of the assessment and making decisions in issues unforeseen. The jury reserves the rights to change the rules of the competition at any time and to temporarily or permanently suspend the competition if it becomes necessary for a reason.

If you would like to submit one of more of your pictures but don't know how to upload them or fill out their description pages, if you don't know of any subjects with Hungarian aspects to be photographed in your area or have any other questions or problems we are happy to help. Please contact Dami or write an e-mail to

Submit your work


The submission period for the present competition is now over. The submitted works are showcased here.


  1. Pictures that have a Hungarian aspect can be taken or created anywhere in the world, they don't have to come from Hungary. The organizers would be very happy to see submissions from as many places of the globe as possible.
  2. Pictures created before 15 March that have not been uploaded under a free licence to a Wikimedia project are also eligible.
  3. The organizers recommend the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 licence.
  4. Based on the number and type of submissions the assessment can happen in one or more categories and in one or two rounds. The jury will decide this after the end of the submissions period but before the assessment begins.
  5. The prizes of the competition are paid by the donations received at the end of last year in the joint fundraising of the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimédia Magyarország.