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This is an umbrella wikiproject that broadly aims to improve the awareness and perception of Commons among the rest of the Wikimedia community.


  • improve relationships between Wikimedia local projects (language+project e.g. lt.wikisource, en.wikipedia, zh.wikinews)
    • increase awareness of Commons' goals and policies
    • improve perceptions
    • have a visible user presence in each project
  • encourage local projects to turn to Commons-only free uploading
    • maintain local language support at Commons
    • transfer images to Commons
  • create and sustain a feeling that all Wikimedians are part of the same community with the same broad goals, and discourage an attitude of "us vs them".

If you have some questions, ask them on the talk page. If you want to start work with a particular local project, just create the subpage and go for it!

Descendant projects[edit]


General advice[edit]

  • People are often suspicious of the unfamiliar. This means it's important to have people from the local project actively involved.
  • Commons may have more detailed or restrictive licensing requirements than the local project. Commons' licensing requirements should be explained in a way that shows how they are part of our commitment to truly free content, rather than dismissing any comments as uninformed or unimportant.
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