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Wikimedia Sverige is a Wikimedia chapter.

Among other activities − detailed on Meta − Wikimedia Sverige supports the Wikimedia Commons project and community in several ways.

Supporting volunteers[edit]

Media accreditations[edit]

The chapter helps in getting accredited for various events. See this page (in Swedish) for more help and this category for all images. Examples of accreditations:

Privileged access[edit]

The chapter negotiates privileged access for photographers to special places and collections, especially related to cultural institutions:

Lending equipment[edit]

The chapter has purchased photographic equipment which can be freely borrowed by contributors. Content produced by this equipment can be found in Category:Media created by technology pool of Wikimedia Sverige.

Sample of our technology.

Sponsoring photographic expeditions[edit]

Wikimedia Sverige has also sponsored several different photographic expeditions. These include both aerial photography and photo hunts of different kinds.

A few figures[edit]

Wikimedia Sverige has already supported the creation of 23,881 media through the technology pool alone. Among those:

Encouraging participation[edit]

The chapter encourages participation to the Wikimedia projects, through the organisation of photographic rallies or contests like Wiki Loves Monuments. As a direct result of these efforts 35,665 files have been made available on Wikimedia Commons.

Opening and sharing free material[edit]

The chapter strives to create partnerships with cultural institutions, aiming among other thing to help them opening and sharing their public domain collections. As a direct result of these efforts 306,152 files have been made available on Wikimedia Commons.

The category for partnerships is Category:Partnerships with Wikimedia Sverige.