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Wikipedia:Wikipedia Takes Manhattan was a "scavenger hunt and free content photography contest" event planned in New York on April 4, 2008. This page was for planning and organising the free content media that arises from that event. (For planning the event itself, see the Wikipedia page.)

The event is being organized by User:Pharos.

The plan is that after the event, all participants will hand in their photos to the organisers. The organizers will upload the images to Commons under a single User:WTMuploader account, using the {{WTM}} template.

Photos by particular people will be arranged into sets, such as "Category:Images from Wikipedia Takes Manhattan by John Doe".

The images will be given generic names such as "Wikipedia Takes Manhattan by John Doe 4 of 23", and descriptions will be later filled out.

Templates being used: {{WTM}}, {{WTMid}}, {{WTMtag}}.

There will be two types of images uploaded: subject photos and context photos. The subject photos will be tagged for the Commons galleries they will eventually be integrated on. The context photos, which are fun but don't have educational value, will be in the user sets, but not in the normal Commons galleries.

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