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A snugly Upper Lusatian house in Ebersbach-Neugersdorf with a small but nice detail, the photographer might have been missing.
To let not happen this to photographers on site, there are briefings und hints for monument photography generally and the Upper Lusatian house in particular. The latter is obligatory for all participants and will be provided in three languages.
Yet another Upper Lusatian house

For years now the Stammtisch Oberlausitz has the wish to organize three border area meetup. Sadly there where always reasons why this did not happen. The photo competition Wiki Loves Monuments we were hit on the idea to offer photo tours with the topic Upper Lusatian house. This concept is well known in all three countries. On the WikiCon and at the Monumento in Salzburg we were able to make more contacts to Austria, Poland, and Czech and to inspire comrade-in-arms.

The root of our planned meetup across countries (A, D, PL, CZ, …), languages (de, cs, pl, hsb, dsb, …), and projects (Commons, Wikivoyage, Wikisource, Wikiversity, Wikipedia, …) therefore are photo tours to document the inventory of Upper Lusatian houses in Upper Lusatia.

Upper Lusatia has not much photos, some municipality articles are illustrated with outdated photos from the Rapp's Mills Archive. As well in the area of Upper Lusatian houses, which are mostly under monumental protection, there only some meaningful photos. The city of Ebersbach-Neugersdorf alone advertises with 718 Upper Lusatian houses, of these are exactly five in our media archive. 5 of 718! One of numerous “gaps” we want to close.

We want to inspire not only experienced and inexperienced photographers to this project and monument photography. And not only to ask them to share their knowledge about the handling of the expensive technics, available for every active participant in Wikimedia projects from the chapters Technikpool. We are looking for authors to enhance articles about Upper Lusatian houses and to create a theme page about Umgebinde in Upper Lusatia in Wikivoyage. Hard-working helpers can (competently) categorize Upper Lusatian houses on Wikimedia Commons. Our tool is the VicuñaUploader. OpenStreetMap and Wikidata should be used to create a detailed distribution map of Upper Lusatian houses in the cross country area of river Neiße.

Additionally there are GLAM activities through archive and library research. For instance there are no available lists of monuments (yet). The archive of Karl Bernert is situated at the library of Zittau. The literature required for the project will be provided in cooperation with the Oberlausitzische Bibliothek der Wissenschaften in Görlitz. Requests for documents in support for the Writers' Workshop with a regional references can be made until March 27, 2014.(Requests for documents) We therefore hope to initiate an active exchange between newbies and advanced, commonists and wikivoyagers, photographers and authors across all projects and languages…

Will you be with us? We meet from May 1 to 4 at KiEZ Querxenland, Seifhennersdorf.