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WMF will have a new travel site populated with content from Wikivoyage. This means that much, if not all, files from Wikivoyage Shared (their equivalent to Commons) are to be copied over to Commons. All said files can now be found on If the transfers are done haphazardly or incorrectly, the mess will takes months or years to sort out.

Coordination is also at


Priorities are still to be defined.

Already assigned:

  • Files available on Commons need to be called from articles with the Commons name (not possible on it and de which don't use Commons as a repo).[2]
  • Bot-import the files from flickr with suitable licenses and the files by trusted users (done by MGA73)

Open questions

For these reasons I am forming a task force to create an action plan/policy page to address the following questions:

  • Should the transfers be done automatically en masse, or should we only target the files we want and transfer those?
    • Both options, but especially the first, would lean heavily on bots. Would we just use one bot, or use several? If we use several, how do we coordinate them?
      • Do we have a bot available now that can do the transfers?
    • If we're not doing a automatic mass transfer, does everything need to be vetted (by image reviewers or in some other way), or are we trusting Wikivoyage Shared's personnel that there aren't copyvios in their image arsenal?
    • It would be safe to assume that at least for some time after the WMF absorption, people will still use the old site. After the first wave of transfers is over, what do we do about files that are uploaded to Wikivoyage Shared at a later date?
  • How are we going to handle categorization for these transfers? The categories they use are not identical to ours. Do we start from scratch or import some or all of their categories?
  • How are we going to handle templates for these transfers? The templates they use are not identical to ours. Do we start from scratch or import some or all of their templates?
    • When it comes licenses, do all of Wikivoyage Shared's licenses match up with ours, or do they have licenses we don't support?
      • Did Wikivoyage Shared do a license migration like Commons did with GDFL?
  • When Wikivoyage Shared has taken images from Commons and uploaded them there under different names (such as was done with the Nuvola stop hand icon) what do we do?
  • When there are naming conflicts (i.e. Commons and Shared each have a different file under the same name) how are these resolved?

If you are willing to work on this, please sign up below and then take your ideas to the talk page. When we get enough people, we can consider organizing our thoughts formally in some manner. Wikivoyage Shared users are, of course, invited to participate. We can't do this without both sides working together to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Sign up

If you want, you can sign up without leaving a timestamp by using only three tildes instead of four.