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AFAIK, the WMF does not accredit photographers. See the mailing lists, where this issue has come up several times. The Commons as a WMF project is not a legal entity of any kind; the Commons is not an organization in itself, and it could not issue accreditations. We'd also have no way to revoke credentials or to enforce their revocation. A WMF chapter might be able to do all this, but I don't see how "the Commons" could. Lupo 06:48, 31 March 2008 (UTC)

Wikinews manages it. The credentials and associated email addresses have seen me land an interview with Tony Benn and David Shankbone get a junket to Israel where he interviewed Shimon Peres.
I'd like to think that with a list of Commons photographers who have made the commitment that goes with getting accredited there would be a great deal of scope for Wikinews<->Commons collaboration. At the moment I have a pretty crappy camera, but being able to get in touch with a local Commons person who has a DSLR, and knows which end to point at the subject, would be a great help.
That being said, Lupo has a point. It would require a nod from the Foundation and permission to use the logo on issued IDs. Erik Moeller has been contacted to progress that and pointed at this page for his input. My gut feeling is that he's not going to out-and-out say no, but he'll possibly suggest ways to refine the wording of the process. I'd be happy to help pitch the idea to the board chair as well, but it would not get discussed at the upcoming board meeting in SF. Likely the idea would get put on the agenda for one of the subsequent online meetings.
I think it is foolish to dismiss this proposal without giving time for input from other people. From what I've seen on foundation-l there's been support for the idea and no real opposition. Of course, people on the Commons mailing list may be far more risk-averse but without actually checking the archives I'm not sure about that. --Brian McNeil / talk 07:37, 31 March 2008 (UTC)
I don't have critics per se, but I'm a bit pessimistic as to the success of the scheme you propose. Several initiatives exist to allow Wikimedia projects to contact a voluntary photographer, such as en:Wikipedia:Photo Matching Service or en:Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Photographers. Unfortunately, I've never seen it work before. Formal accreditation has also been discussed many times without any result (this being said, you're AFAIR the first one to go to the "formal proposal" step).
As has been said on Commons-l, this accreditation process won't hold much water in countries such as France, where the press card is more or less State-issued. I also feel you're bit optimistic regarding museums. Many French museums request a fee for professional photographers (or "serious" photographers, viz. the ones who wish to use a tripod or lighting). The fee may vary according to the intended usage; it would be relatively modest for purely educational purposes and quite expensive for commercial usage. Other museums/institutions refuse flatly to allow the taking of free usage pictures. Wikimedia France tried it to no avail with the Musée de la Marine in Paris and with the Senate. Generally speaking, I don't think accrediting photographers will make any difference for the museums.
The "verification" part of your process doesn't seem very interactive to me. In my experience, organisations such as political parties rely much on personal contacts. That's why I feel that accreditation would be better handled by local chapters--which leaves an open gap for countries which don't have chapters, I agree. Jastrow (Λέγετε) 09:44, 31 March 2008 (UTC)
Well then maybe it should say that the Community will accredit photographers where there is no chapter? Geoff Plourde :D 17:29, 1 April 2008 (UTC)

Proposal failed[edit]

Very nearly four years have passed since the last comment - this proposal is failed. An attempt might be made to revive it, but I suggest that some attempt to involve chapters in accreditation would be the best place to start. If that were to get some momentum, then maybe some attempt to cover countries without a chapter would have some chance of success. Rd232 (talk) 17:41, 26 March 2012 (UTC)

Fresh proposal[edit]

A fresh proposal may be started for the accreditation. Some times it is very necessary to get entry or to explain public for the purpose of photography like in India. -- Biswarup Ganguly (talk) 16:19, 8 August 2012 (UTC)