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Att: Elin Beltz[edit]


 I got a message. From Elin Beltz. That the picture:File:G-18 neabsco mills ironworks.jpg  in Article: Neabsco Iron Works. Has been marked for possible deletion. I am really getting irritated with issues about this Picture, When I first posted it, using the permissions from the author's website with attributes. It was deleted. I contacted the author. He was very happy to have his picture used on Wikipedia. We both agreed that Wikipedia admins can be unreasonable, given a situation and interpretation of a lot of rules. Nobody is perfect.  

So he took the trouble to take a new picture as my surrogate. And give me complete ownership of the tne new picture. That is how I attributed it. How can that be contested?.

Also my google earth picture (screenshot, that I posted according to Google's own guidelines was deleted (and messed up the page layout) with out a notice. I am no expert, but it seems if google allows for this and I follow googles guide lines. Wikipedia rules and Admins are being unreasonable not to allowing it. As a beginner, it was hard work to create this page, jumping though Wikihoops. (not necessarily unreasonable hoops) And to just have my hard work scrambled by some admin who may or may not be right, is unreasonable! At least to me. And honestly if your gonna send an email with the issues, it seems it should be fair to be able to return a simple email to discuss the issues. It took me half an hour to get to this page and I am not sure if it will get to Elin Beltz. Show some repect for submitters will you.

            Attribution for using google Earth and other google pictures.

All uses of the Content must provide attribution to both Google and our data providers. We require clear, visible attribution when the Content is shown. You may not move the attribution to the end credits or fade it out after a few seconds.

Note that if you embed a classic map, Street View panorama or My Map; use one of our APIs on the web or in an application; or export a video or JPEG from Google Earth Pro, the necessary attribution is already baked into the map and no further credit is needed. Learn more about how to properly credit, as well as how to identify providers, on our attribution guidelines page

If you are unwilling to meet our attribution requirements, contact our data provider(s) directly to inquire about purchasing the rights to use the Content directly. You’ll find provider contact information listed on their websites. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Michael Veax (talk • contribs) 20:53, 27 September 2016 (UTC)