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Not to fload the page itself I'd like to say something general and something about me on this place. The first question that might be asked is "Wasn't there a previous RfB?" The answer is "Yes it was, see Commons :Administrators/Requests and votes/ABF (rfb) - even if that was a very bad idea at that moment. But looking back the points I got where not as bad, I for example really did much not to get such comments as that from Majorly before, so I believe I was able to improve my behaviour." The second important point wich might come up is that this RfB could possibly infact the "conflict" between german and english users even more. For that I have to say, that I do not believe this me as a (german-native) crate would not cause any harm in this case, as I am 1.) More active on enwiki (ca. 20.000 edits) than on dewiki (ca. 11.000 edits) and 2.) There are still more english crates, so I believe there will not be any "german domination" or something like that. Maybe you'd also like to hear of my experiences on Commons, well, I recently nominated 12 (123456789101112) people for RfA/B/O, none of them failed. I am also the one who maintenanced the inactivity-deadmin pages last two times. I also run a bot here and on dewiki, so I know that area as well. My sysop experience here is - as I believe - also not as bad: I closed some hundrets of deletion-requests, and I also performed over 22.000 sysop-actions (whose I don't concidder as bad ;) ). For the question "Do we need mor crates?" I would reply using a Symbol support vote.svg definite yes! because a.) the positions weight is overestimated afaik and because I totally agree to Patricias statement here. Maybe only a few words about my "motivation" for this request: I really like to help out on Commons and I also have the time to add this "job". But also if I do not get elected I will take it without beeing vexed. I hope I was able to give you a short overview over my points. If there are any other questions, feel free to ask. :) abf «Cabale?! Quelle Caballe?» 16:53, 14 January 2009 (UTC)