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Variations considered

By influence[edit]

1. "in the style of" replaces "influenced by [cultural trend or style]"

Rationale- "influenced by" strongly implies causation, when this is oftentimes not the case. Renoir was not Influenced by Impressionism, he along with a few others invented it.

2. "by artists of [Foo] country" replaces "influenced by the culture of [Foo] country". Or- "by sculptors of...".

Positives: less subjective, easily verifiable.
Negatives: a Nationalistic orientation is exclusive, and many useful classifications become impossible. Eg: a neoclassical sculpture could be done in the style of the Greeks or in the style of the Romans, but it would not be possible to indicate either because if the the sculptor were from some other country (as they most often were).

3. "Sculptures influenced by [Foo]", where Foo can be:

  • "the culture of [Bar] country" EG. the culture of Greece
  • a cultural event EG: "the Renaissance"
  • a cultural trend or particular style EG: "en:Neoclassicism", "[[:en:Futurism (art)|Futurism"

=Check the existing structure first please[edit]

Before using the sculpture related categories, I would suggest to check first Category:Sculpture and its subcategory Category:Sculptures. --Foroa 15:23, 13 February 2008 (UTC)