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TRYPHON Your people here are telling you that you are wrong. I am going to post my photo here and it will match "Peter Wallack" on You can become my "friend" and then post to the MOHEGAN WOODS DAY CAMP asking about me; this is a 25 years reunion page and the members of the group were councselors and owners.

I can furnish Doctors, Lawyers, Presidents of Higher Education Asociations...

You tell me that all the bird images are from BIRDS OF SANIBEL at How small your knowledge of geography and bird range and how little time looking at what I contributed. It says at that I have another house in Santa Fe. Half the bird photos I contributed are from New Mexico. Here is just some birds on that list: Western Scrub Jay, Spotted Towhee, Black-headed Grosbeak, Canyon Towhee, Western Bluebird, Gila Woodpecker... Didn't the word western give it away. Go to a Bird of North America book by national Geographic and check the range maps.

You also insult the quality of the printing. You are not qualified. You are a bore, a little authority fits under "Power Corrupts" for you. You owe me apologies for calling me a theif and insulting my work. Otherwise, delete everything.

I am going to scan my slide of a Red Knot during Fall Migration in October 2006 on Sanibel just to prove I own my slides and they are here with me but you should have googled my name and you would have come up with places like the Callosahatche Bird Club where I di a slide show; Vince Mcgrath and I birded together and he could have been asked about the veracity of my persona by asking Vince to go my Facebook image. There are dozens of other ways you were asked to investigate to find out you were wrong. A leader, a confident man, a scholar, or a man of justice would have investigated as I indicated. Instead you use the cloak of your pseudonym and veil of the internet to be an unjust and unscholarly insecure fool. Your so week it is ridiculous. You slander me and hide; you are an internet bully. Same on you.

Dr. Peter L. Wallack 1204 Vista Verde Court Santa Fe, NM 87501 505-986-0322 (Not hiding- Deliver your apology in person and I won't have you soil your pants in front of those who know you on Wikepedia.)