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Denmark needs to change so main rule is "No consent with exceptions"[edit]

The info on Denmark should be changed to: "No consent (with exceptions)". The main rule is clearly that only if the intent is to publish a portrait of a specific person do you need consent. This will actually be very seldom. Non-commercial situational photos taken in public and in most cases also in private surroundings and private property do not need any consent - even if you can easily recognize the person. Thus a picture of people in Copenhagen, swimming in Denmark, city life in Aarhus, women enjoying coffee beer at an outdoor Cafe, jogging in the park etc. etc. needs no consent. Ref:

Specific examples of pictures from Datatilsynets published guidelines that do not need consent for internet publication: - guests at a rock concert - playing children in a schoolyard - people visiting a zoo - pictures taken during klub activities - pictures of children and young people at school including private schools - pictures taken at a school x-mas holiday event

Exceptions: - People during their work - Customers inside a shop - Visitors inside a bar, discotheque etc. - Pictures that show people in compromising situations

These limitations are also only valid for internet publication. All other media can freely publish.