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Transcluding format update[edit]

  1. "Index" word converted to {{{Index|Index}}}
  2. Names of categories converted to named params (with previous english names as defoult value). New calling format:
{{Commons:Picture of the Year/2009/Galleries/Index/Category|Index=<Index>
|Diagrams         = <Diagrams>
|Artworks         = <Artworks>
|People           = <People>
|Constructions    = <Constructions>
|Objects          = <Objects>
|Nature views     = <Nature views>
|Panoramas        = <Panoramas>
|Plants and fungi = <Plants and fungi>
|Arthropods       = <Arthropods>
|Birds            = <Birds>
|Other animals    = <Other animals>

--Kaganer (talk) 17:48, 14 May 2010 (UTC)