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Page protection...[edit]

Hardly seems valid to indefinitely page protect this page because of two cases of vandalism separated by a month. I propose that PP be removed. --J.smith (talk) 20:54, 8 August 2009 (UTC)

Go for it. It's just semi. Nowadays, that's pretty good for a policy on protection bro. ;) Rocket000 (talk) 10:15, 9 August 2009 (UTC)

Heavy use / visible files(!) protection[edit]

[move=sysop] and [upload=sysop] should be enough, isn't it? edit=sysop isn't needed. It came to my mind, that someone malicious could place redir on a file page to get another content displayed at file inclusions. But as far as I tested (temporarily) at File:AXMPtiffbeach.jpg redirs do not fire if there are file version - neither for the file content (thumb URL links) and |thumb| inclusions nor even for the file page File:AXMPtiffbeach.jpg. Can someone confirm this - or even has a link to the relevant MediaWiki code / doc?

If we are sure that edits cannot do harm the action=edit can be free. As such protections probably occur often at Commons I suggest to add one or two short sentences of advice/help how to protect (not for editing) such files. Cheers --Saibo (Δ) 01:04, 14 November 2011 (UTC)

I agree. edit=sysop restriction is not necessary for highly visoble files. Edit restriction can be set individually when there is excessive vandalism or edit warring about file's description. – Kwj2772 (msg) 08:40, 15 November 2011 (UTC)
Tested again and made the change to the page now. Hope it is fine for everybody. --Saibo (Δ) 01:34, 29 January 2012 (UTC)
It never was updated since we got [upload] control. So yes, the description page itself doesn't need to be protected due to the attached image being heavily used. Rocket000 (talk) 10:05, 30 January 2012 (UTC)

Spam Filter Off[edit]

Hi all; I need to add a link from the Welsh Help section here to a video Tutorial I've made on You Tube. Wiki-cy won't allow this link due to the Spam Filter; can anyone guide me please as to how do I turn it off on that Help Page? Many thanks - diolch yn fawr! Secondly, are there any new developments with the size of ogg files on Commons? Last time I looked they were too small for my purpose, as the user needs to see the cursor. - Llywelyn2000 (talk) 16:57, 13 March 2013 (UTC).

Strange semi-protected templates[edit]

Many templates ({{Wikispecies}}, {{WikispeciesCompact}}, {{Taxonavigation}}...) that I maintain are protected but their protection is incoherent:

  • When I click on "See source code", they display a banner : "This page is semi-protected and can only be modified by registered users" (approximate translation as my language is french).
  • I am a long-registered User, but I cannot edit theses templates.

So either, there is a bug blocking my edition or the banner is buggy and should say that this template is fully protected and only an admin can edit it.
PS: I still dream of a 'authorized to change templates and modules' status not related to 'admin' status. An admin is not meant to develop templates and modules + A templates and modules editor may no wish to become admin.
Best regards, Liné1 (talk) 12:48, 7 October 2013 (UTC)