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Hey all, we're almost half-way or second year with this tool and it's been coming slowly but surely. As Martin pointed out though, right now it's impossible to keep up with the backlog when going through all files. However I do believe we should work as if we do all files (i.e. start at the front and work our way back, and whatever falls off the 30-day cut off point is lost). I propose we take the following strategy:

  • Grant more users the "autopatrol" right
    • There is an hourly updated list of users with the most unpatrolled uploads [1]. CUP filters out uploads by users with this user right, so the goal is that users that don't need to have their uploads checked should be granted the autopatrol right. This can be done by adding them to any group that provides this right (Image reviewers, Autopatrollers, Bots, Patrollers, Administrators, ..). In most cases a good uploader that has no copyright violations and provides a proper Information-template with Essential information and the first 10 uploads by the user you can find need no additional fixup at all, can be added to Autopatrollers. Bots should never show in this list, if they do then they uploaded stuff without being approved because approved bots in the Bot user group have the "autopatrol" right.
  • Grant more users the "autopatrol" right
    • Yes, extra emphasis on this one :P. Whenever I find a user that uploaded a bunch of stuff and is in good faith, but is missing a few minor details (i.e. putting their fancy signatures with timestamps in the Author-field, not using {{Own work}}, whatever..), then I usually edit one file page as example, and link that on post a message to their user talk page about it. Then if they respond and understand, I add them Autopatrollers also. If a user uploads a lot of stuff and all need fixes or are copyright violations, go through normal channels of mass deletion nominations and/or block requests.
  • Enable the "CUP"-Gadget:
    • Having the CUP script in your personal javascript is nice, but it can be a little slow to load and will warn all the time if you're not logged in, even at times you're not in "patrol mode". User:Rillke wrote a gadget that adds "Uploadpatrol" to the sidebar which will toggle the "[mark as patrol]" widget and remember the choice by cookie. Very nice!
  • Automatically going through the queue
    • The queue is a nice way of having an overview, but if you're just going to do a lot of patrolling, I'd recommend bookmarking (or otherwise having handy) the link to the "next" progresser. This redirector is also used internally by the script under the "next" link that appears after having [marked as patrolled] an upload: If you click that, then you don't have to watch the queue, instead you'll be working full-screen on Wikimedia Commons itself, and on each file page, either "[mark as patrolled]" and "next »" or "skip »»" to continue to the next file.
  • Use "CUP Auto-fix" on edit pages.
    • You'll notice that if the CUP-script is loaded, the Edit-tab is manipulated on File-pages. It is changed so that a certain editnotice is forced on top of the edit page with some useful snippets of commonly used wikitext during CUP sessions. Also included is a "Go" button for the "Auto-fix" feature. It's hard to explain what this does, you're best just trying it once and looking closely at the diff (example).
  • Options!
    • There is options for:
      • Supress the confirmation dialog when patrolling uploads
      • Mark AutoFix-actions as minor edits
  • Krinkletalk 01:09, 26 January 2012 (UTC)