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Automatic categorisation notes from Docu

Count dc:subject Commons categories Notes
 ? <lastname>, <firstname> (Portraits) <firstname> <lastname>
 ? <lastname>, <firstname>--Portrait <firstname> <lastname>
 ? <text> (Qld.) <text>, Queensland
 ? <text1> (<text2>, Qld.) <text1> (<text2>, Queensland)
 ? <text> (N.S.W.) <text>, New South Wales
 ? Mt. <name> Mount <name>
 ? <name> (Ship) <name> (ship), Ships in Australia
I noticed John Vandenberg moved them here from the page with the edit summary "moved examples to talk". The above aren't meant to be samples, but patterns indicating how to convert the subjects to categories. Maybe we should place them in a separate table, above the individual categories. --  Docu  at 12:45, 19 December 2010 (UTC)