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So I just take the liberty and start this Roadmap talk!

  1. Main page translation: I will personally see to the German translation of the Project main page, so that should be no problem. As for the rest, I guess we should get some native speakers on board our project!
  2. SOP license: There are still things missing. I will come up with a sane way of categorizing stuff and making it compatible with all our current sub projects! As soon as I find a good way on how to get all the referencing files, I'll put that into there, too.
  3. Tutorials: I can work on the red.png tutorial. It would also be good to have a better tutorial for the animated SVGs! Also, one of the road maps is completely in French, I think it should be at least available in English, so more contributers can actually understand it. File:CJK_SVG_project.svg
  4. Incorporate animated SVGs: Commons:WikiProject_CJK_stroke_order_(SVG) This was "in the makings" when Yug quit the project and it claims you can actually produce red.png pictures out of a final animated svg. It's worth looking into it and incorporate the parts that seem worthwhile into the new Stroke Order Project!
  5. Asian alphabets: Right now the site Commons:CJK_stroke_order:Asian_alphabets is not much usable, agreed. However, it would be good to have a general overview page along with the encouragement to submit other scripts to be incorporated into this Stroke Order Project.
  6. Move Category/Change license: Rather rename it. This would be doable with one of the maintenance bots around here. Maybe ask an admin really nicely - I'm not too familiar with the things involved in that, actually reading up on it now. Also, we need to make a plan in which order to replace what so as to not make errors that need human correction on over 1000 files!
  7. Kangxi Radicals: Those need clearing up and be incorporated into the main project as well as the license! The categories need to be checked and their gallery template either be replaced with the new generic one or edited.
  8. Red.png: Some Kanji that consist of one or two strokes are made differently than the regular pictures.
File:ㄧ-red.png (U+3127, which can be rendered both vertically and horizontally!!) would really be 一-red.png (U+4E00) according to the style guidelines set up now and what it actually depicts. However, I think File:一-red.png make quite a bit more sense as you can actually gather the direction of the movement by those shades of red. We need a consistency check for those and maybe delete the old pictures as they were part of the project once and are now renamed incorrectly. However, not even the Kangxi page itself uses the ㄧ-red.png (U+3127), that page uses File:丨-red.png, 丨-red.png (U+4E28) which cannot be rendered horizontally and is depicted accordingly! See Unicode Chart U+3100 (5.1) and Unicode Chart U+4E00 (5.1) for further info.

--Tauwasser (talk) 16:31, 22 January 2009 (UTC)

The SVG arm of the project is frozen. Yug has expressed an interest in returning to it. Getting it under way is going to take a major effort.
I'd thought about scrapping that asian alphabets page completely. I guess we could create a phonetic characters' overview page. Then again, it could also simply be done on the main page.--Swift (talk) 07:13, 23 January 2009 (UTC)