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This page is about wikimedia user feed back on welcome messages.

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The Commons runs a "welcome bot" that automatically posts a {{welcome}} message to all registered users who have made at least one edit. We want to make this message as effective as possible to maximise its usefulness and minimise new user mistakes and confusion.

If you have received a welcome message, you are welcome to comment on the message here. As well as general feedback, you might like to answer these questions:

  1. Do you read welcome messages, skim over them or ignore them?
  2. Did you find our welcome message useful? Did it tell you something you didn't know before but might need to know?
  3. Is there other information which you think it is vital for new users to know, which our welcome message doesn't currently include?

Post like this:

=== [[User:Ggiewz]] ===
# (answer)
# (answer)
# (answer)
# (any other comments)

Leave feedback

Thank you!

Admins: once you've dealt with a feedback, please make a note, so that other admins know there's no need to responding to it.


Yankee Jersey[edit]

Yo man I love your Yankee Jersey edits. Can you please re upload them to the Yankees wiki prides page, just fix the hat bc it looks a little messed up. Idk why That other guy kept taking it down, but it would be totally awesome from a Yankee fan if you put them back up. Keep making awesome edits dude.