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A start[edit]

I haven't put anything in the Articles and Categories sections of the project page as I think we need to clarify exactly what the project standard format is by discussion and hopefully consensus :-). I have no problem with the project defining a 'standard(s)' that is not universally accepted (you can't please everyone) - I think if we're going to bother putting in a lot of work it ought to show visible results :-)

The first thing me must acknowledge is that a project does not in anyway own or control the section of commons that they have chosen to work on. Others may choose to do things differently, we may choose to ignore, incorporate, modify or revert their way of doing things, but we have no greater authority than any other user.

It would be great if experts at identification and classification (professional or otherwise ;-) would identify themselves so they can be consulted over identification issues. If no one is available, wikipedia and wikispecies projects will probably be able to provide help.

Other online resources?

Obviously anyone can join in and I will point out the project to people I notice contributing to our area of interest.

It's a wiki so please feel free to disagree with anything in this project, voice your opinion, and make changes. :-)

--Tony Wills 22:15, 14 March 2007 (UTC)

A template[edit]

I am currently experimenting with implimenting a suggestion from User:Pfctdayelise and have made a template {{Template:WikiProject Birds}}. This is simply to mark items that the project has categorised - to avoid having participants duplicating others work. It has the advantage that it doesn't add a category, but rather can be searched for using the ScanCat tool which allows us to select not only images that are tagged with a template, but alternatively, and most importantly, those that have not yet been tagged. eg see [1]. This is just a trial as I'm not sure of all the implications of this. (One early objection is that tool is easily over-loaded so don't all go and search at once ;-)

The rational is that new people add images and if they bother to work out how to categorize them they end up in some category, if it is in one of "our" categories we want to find it. We could of course tag "our" images with a category of our own, but the problem is we can't search for images that we haven't yet categorised. The scan tool allows us to select items without a particular template (invert flag) (Of course if we had a search tool that could search for un-categorised images ...)

(The template contents aren't very important, the current one just adds a small message to the page it is attached to) --Tony Wills 22:48, 14 March 2007 (UTC)


The list above was copied from User_talk:Tony_Wills#Categories by Wsiegmund
I made a start on the Category:Anatidae task. I moved Anas and Aythya gallery pages to Category:Anas and Category:Aythya respectively. Wsiegmund 17:46, 17 March 2007 (UTC)
Great, I only had those particular pages listed as I was collecting examples of variations of how things are currently organised around here :-).

I have been experimenting* in Category:Passer, trying to collect together all the good ideas from other examples and would like comments. Not comments about how it goes against other ToL guidelines, but whether it infringes any commons guidelines, and whether it is useful (I am trying to create galleries and categories that are good for finding species pictures and still conforms with standard commons practice - so that we do not have to undo work done by every new contributor to this area, which we have no authority to do anyway).

Please navigate through the whole Passer tree (galleries and categories) and tell me what you think. --Tony Wills 23:14, 17 March 2007 (UTC)

*(ok should be done in a sandbox, but can I have sandboxed categories and templates?)
1) Visual index at Genus level (you could have this at family level if there are few species or at species level where there are many sub-species/varieties). (Visual index only useful if thumbnails can show visual differences that might help with navigation)
2) Each species has a category of its own to collect all pictures (good, bad, different versions) of that species.
3) Species subcategories but not article/gallery pages are members of the Genus category. Each article/gallery is instead in its corresponding sub-category. But the Genus category will also include media not yet sorted.
4) No vernacular/language or interwiki links on category pages. But space at top for category description in various languages.
5) Species level article/gallery pages contain all the extra info - taxonav, species authority, wikispecies link, multi-language vernacular names, interwiki article links. Galleries organised however last maintainer likes, but hopefully broken up into useful groups of pictures, sound/video etc.
6) As per general guidelines images are left in categories even when in a gallery. A new template {{WikiProject Birds}} is used to tag images that have been processed. CatScan tool works well to find any new images that have been slipped in to any categories in the tree.
Would someone like to insert translations of this discussion (I only have english) as I realise there are many languages in use here --Tony Wills 23:14, 17 March 2007 (UTC)

ID discussion moved from project page[edit]

What do you think these are?
I don't think they are H. albicilla, rather H. leucocephalus? Temporarily moved to higher cat. --Anniolek talk 19:24, 2 June 2007 (UTC)
Why do you think so? (I don't know myself), but isn't it much more likely to be the White Tailed eagle if it's in Europe rather than an American Bald eagle? --Tony Wills 08:26, 3 June 2007 (UTC)
White Tailed eagle doesn't have such clear white head. Old specimen have greyish/whitish head, but the colours are not so separated. But I am not so sure, that's why I asked... It is in Europe, but not in wild, so it can be anything in fact. --Anniolek talk 16:38, 3 June 2007 (UTC)
I've looked at lots of photos, and yes there are quite a few bald eagle sub-adults with that plumage. I also see the uploader was persuaded to change the category to Haliaeetus leucocephalus so he obviously wasn't convinced it was a White Tail. It was changed back by User:Ram-Man who was just correcting the scientific name to match the file name but wasn't sure. So I suspect you are right. The best solution would be for the uploader to re-upload them under the correct name but they haven't been active for over a year. So probably best to change the descriptions (common name and scientific name) and category to Bald eagle and leave a comment, <!-- comment -->, within all three pages so that anyone who later comes to 'correct' them again will know it has already been discussed. --Tony Wills 22:58, 3 June 2007 (UTC)
In my opinion it's H. leucocephalus. The head is a bit dirty or something, so one might not be sure, but we can try to make a negative selection. Of all 8 species of Haliaeetus, six doesn't look similar to this, the other two are H. leucocephalus and H. sanfordi, for this one I cannot find any pictures, however, whatever it looks like, it's not much probably that it would be in zoo in Germany I think. All that's left is H. leucocephalus --xRiffRaffx 00:21, 4 June 2007 (UTC)
Definitely Haliaeetus leucocephalus. Although H. albicilla can have a head nearly this white, its body is never that dark chocolate-brown. Also not H. sanfordi, which doesn't have a white tail. - MPF 16:36, 5 August 2007 (UTC)
Thanks. I'll upload the images as Haliaeetus_leucocephalus and add duplicate tags. Walter Siegmund (talk) 18:42, 5 August 2007 (UTC)

ID Sparrow[edit]

Which species is this? The image was taken in Boston on November 22. (I remember a page specially for these kind of questions but can't find it know. Feel free to move this question to the right place.) Thank You–Jérôme (talk) 18:06, 14 February 2010 (UTC)

11,000 unsorted biology images at Category:Uploaded by Amada44 (unsorted)[edit]

There is a treasure trove (11,000+) of unsorted but well labeled images at Category:Uploaded by Amada44 (unsorted), which appears dominated by photos of insects, plants, and vertebrates. I've been chipping away at it using Cat-a-lot, (moving images out of the unsorted category and into a genus or species category) and any additional help would be welcome. Due to the shear number of files, perhaps a bot-assisted move could be implemented, since species names are in many cases present in the file name, but I'm less knowledgeable about bot-requests. Cheers! Animalparty (talk) 20:22, 12 March 2015 (UTC)