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Site notice in 2015 and 2016[edit]

Image 2015: File:Kente Kumasi 2010-06-30-cropped.jpg

Generic text

  • English : Wiki Loves Africa : share african music and dance with the world !
  • French : Wiki Loves Africa : partagez musique et danses africaines avec le monde entier !
  • Arabic :





private link


Qill be a sub queue of WLX 4 queues. One main WLA queue (wax::wla) plus three language sub queues

  • wlx::wla::wla-fr
  • wlx::wla::wla-en
  • wlx::wla::wla-ar

Address(es); main address and secondary
For language subqueues used, create associated addresses - no secondary needed?


Current OTRS members with access (to be reviewed)

Non-agents that were added

  • Isla
  • Mohammed

Boilerplate responses
If you can anticipate any requests (which may be impossible) that you may receive, you may create the boilerplate responses ahead of time so they can be added to the interface. Otherwise we can add them later as necessary. They should be titled like Response:en-wle-Title here (note 'en' is the language of the response).

Every queue requires a signature, of course. We can modify the below standard template to reflect the WLA project.

Yours sincerely, <OTRS_FIRST_NAME> <OTRS_LAST_NAME> -- Wikipedia - --- Disclaimer: all mail to this address is answered by volunteers, and responses are not to be considered an official statement of the Wikimedia Foundation. For official correspondence, please contact the Wikimedia Foundation by certified mail at the address listed on

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Notes from WikiIndaba 2017[edit]

  • Suggestion : Track all participants and send them welcome/thank you messages
  • Suggestion : set up a media accreditation system to facilitate access to events
  • Suggestion :set up partnerships with professional photographers to facilitate access to events and collect high quality pictures
  • Note: time frame can be a challenge (contest does not occur during time when you can get to event/festivals)
  • Suggestion : Increase communication with Wikimedia Commons administrators prior to challenge launch (to ease clean up process...)
  • Note : a challenge is met with photos being taggued for deletion whilst within Commons rules
  • Question: is there an intermediate repository for images that we could use ?
  • Issue: awareness of copyright laws is limited in Africa. In many cases, USA laws are applied even when not appropriate
  • Suggestion : central team or the focus countries provide a curated list of articles that need images. To ensure that those were at least covered.
  • Suggestion : doing a more concerted effort to reach a wider audience to vote on the community prize
  • Suggestion : give prizes for good categorizing, tagging or descriptions.
  • Suggestion : really trying hard to get the main page, landing page and upload wizard translated in more languages.
  • Wish : the project management to continue to be centralized as we are doing, and not only Organised by whatever country wants to take part.
  • Wish: increase the relevance and usage of the images : screensavers ? using Glamify ? Exhibition ? Wall ? Poster ?
  • Suggestion : writing contest be around the 100 top images. Which was a nice idea, but not particularly practical as the best shot images are not always the most encyclopedic. But we could have a prize for best use of image ?
  • Suggestion : How to encouraged editors to place image in articles after the upload. Leaflet ? Suggestion in the uploading steps to make this happen ? ---> post a thank you note at the end of the contest and invite them to

Stats: full list of participants in 2016[edit]

Query from Jaime :

in 2016, 836 people participated.

SELECT DISTINCT rev_user_text, rev_user, cl_to
INNER JOIN commonswiki_p.categorylinks cl ON p.page_id = cl.cl_from 
INNER JOIN commonswiki_p.revision r ON p.page_id = r.rev_page 
WHERE p.page_namespace = 6 
AND cl.cl_to IN ("Images_from_Wiki_Loves_Africa_2016")
AND r.rev_parent_id = 0;

Query from Mounir :

in 2016, 765 people participated.

use commonswiki_p;
 SELECT img_user_text AS uploader, COUNT(page_title) AS pictures
  FROM image, page, categorylinks 
  WHERE page.page_id=categorylinks.cl_from 
      AND image.img_name = page.page_title
      AND .categorylinks.cl_to = "Images_from_Wiki_Loves_Africa_2016"
          GROUP BY uploader 
              ORDER BY pictures DESC;

In 2015 from Mounir as well

Tag checking[edit] from Samuel



Tool Labs – Tools for Wiki Loves Photo Competitions[edit]

Jean-Fred et Erik Zachte

sounds interesting... but curiously... the data is wrong. The number of images reported is about 50% lower than actual figures. No idea why. If anyone knows what the problem is... Anthere (talk)

m:WikiShootMe. Display a map with geotagged info.

  • larger, green circles represent WIkidata items with an image
  • larger, red circles represent WIkidata items without an image
  • smaller, blue circles represent Commons images
  • smaller, yellow circles represent Wikipedia articles, in the current language edition (see the language selector in the upper-right corner)
For example