Cranial nerve

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Cranial nerves
CN I – Olfactory
CN II – Optic
CN III – Oculomotor
CN IV – Trochlear
CN V – Trigeminal
CN VI – Abducens
CN VII – Facial
CN VIII – Vestibulocochlear
CN IX – Glossopharyngeal
CN X – Vagus
CN XI – Spinal accessory
CN XII – Hypoglossal
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English: A cranial nerve is any of the twelve paired nerves that originate from the brainstem instead of the spinal cord.


Nerve I.[edit]

Another name: olfactory nerve.

Nerve II.[edit]

Another name: optic nerve.

Nerve III.[edit]

Another name: oculomotor nerve.

Nerve IV.[edit]

Another name: trochlear nerve.

Nerve V.[edit]

Another name: trigeminal nerve.

Nerve VI.[edit]

Another name: abducens nerve.

Nerve VII.[edit]

Another name: facial nerve.

Nerve VIII.[edit]

Another name: vestibulocochlear nerve.

Nerve IX.[edit]

Another name: glossopharyngeal nerve.

Nerve X.[edit]

Another name: vagus nerve.

Nerve XI.[edit]

Another name: accessory nerve.

Nerve XII.[edit]

Another name: hypoglossal nerve.