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Berthe Morisot (1841–1895) Link back to Creator infobox template wikidata:Q105320
Berthe Morisot
Alternative names Berthe Marie Pauline Morisot, Berthe Manet

French painter

Date of birth/death 2 March 1895
Location of birth/death Bourges Paris
Work location Paris, Mesnil
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Works by Berthe Morisot
Thumbnail Title Date Gallery Location Medium Dimensions E  
Berthe Morisot 005.jpg
Deutsch: Kornfeld
circa 1875 Musée d'Orsay Paris oil on canvas 47 × 69 cm (18.5 × 27.2 in) +/−
Berthe Morisot 003.jpg
Français : Dans la salle à manger
English: In the Dining Room
Deutsch: Im Dining Room
circa 1875 Washington (D.C.) oil on canvas 61.3 × 50 cm (24.1 × 19.7 in) +/−
L'enfant au Tablier Rouge.jpg
Français : L'Enfant au Tablier Rouge
English: Child with a Red Apron
1886 Private collection +/−
Berthe Morisot - Bergère nue couchée.jpg
English: Reclining Nude Shepherdess
Español: Pastora desnuda tumbada
circa 1891 Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza Madrid +/−
Woman in a Garden 1882-1883 Berthe Morisot.jpg Woman in a Garden 1882/1883 Art Institute of Chicago oil on canvas 123 × 94 cm (48.4 × 37 in) +/−
Berthe Morisot - Sommertag - 1879.jpeg
Deutsch: Sommertag
English: Summer-day
London oil on canvas 46 × 75 cm (18.1 × 29.5 in) +/−
1893 Morisot Jeune fille etendue.jpg
Français : Morisot Jeune fille étendue
Deutsch: Liegendes Mädchen
1893 Gallery Richard Green London oil on canvas 68.5 × 77 cm (27 × 30.3 in) +/−
Berthe Morisot Winter aka Woman with a Muff.jpg
English: Winter aka Woman with a Muff
English: Dallas Museum of Arts
Dallas oil on canvas
English: ?
El espejo de vestir.jpg
Español: El espejo de vestir
1876 Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza Madrid +/−
1875 Morisot Laundry.jpg Hanging the Laundry out to Dry 1875 National Gallery of Art Washington DC oil on canvas 33 × 40.6 cm (13 × 16 in) +/−
Morisot Rose Trémière.jpg Rose Trémière 1884 Musée Marmottan oil on canvas +/−
Berthe Morisot Jeune fille au bal.jpg Jeune fille au bal 1875 Musée Marmottan Monet Paris oil on canvas +/−
Berthe Morisot - Figure of a Woman.jpg
English: Figure of a Woman (Before the Theater)
1875/1876 Private collection Unknown oil on canvas
English: 57 x 31 cm
Berthe Morisot - Girl with Greyhound - 1893.jpg
Français : Julie Manet et son Lévrier Laerte (whippet)
Français : Musée Marmottan
Français : Paris
oil on canvas
Français : 73 x 80 cm
Berthe Morisot - Mulher com criança num bote.JPG
English: Woman with a Child in a Boat
Português: Mulher com Criança num Bote
from 1880 until 1890 Museu da Chácara do Céu Rio de Janeiro, Brazil oil on canvas 33 × 41 cm (13 × 16.1 in) +/−
Berthe Morisot 001.jpg
Deutsch: Balkon
Deutsch: Sammlung Ittleson
New York oil on canvas +/−
Berthe Morisot - The Flute Player.jpg
Français : Le Flageolot
English: The Flute Player
1890 Arkansas Art Center oil on canvas +/−
Berthe Morisot 008.jpg
Deutsch: Wiege
Deutsch: Musée d'Orsay
Deutsch: Paris
oil on canvas
Deutsch: 56 × 46 cm
Berthe Morisot Reading.jpg Reading 1873 Cleveland Museum of Art oil on fabric +/−
Berthe Morisot The Harbor at Lorient.jpg The Harbor at Lorient 1869 oil on canvas +/−
Berthe Morisot The Bath.jpg
English: The Bath (Girl Arranging Her Hair) (The model is Isabelle Lambert)
English: Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
English: Williamstown, Mass.
oil on canvas 66 × 81.5 cm (26 × 32.1 in) +/−
Brooklyn Museum - Portrait of Mme Boursier and Her Daughter (Portrait de Mme Boursier et de sa fille) - Berthe Morisot.jpg Portrait of Mme Boursier and Her Daughter (Portrait de Mme Boursier et de sa fille) circa 1873
oil on canvas 74.5 × 56.8 cm (29.3 × 22.4 in) +/−
Eugene Manet and His Daughter in the Garden 1883 Berthe Morisot.jpg Eugène Manet and His Daughter in the Garden 1883 +/−
Morisot Lady at her Toilette.jpg Lady at her Toilette 1875/1880 Art Institute of Chicago 60.3 × 80.4 cm (23.7 × 31.7 in) +/−
Berthe Morisot, Le berceau (The Cradle), 1872.jpg
Français : Le berceau
English: The Cradle
1872 Musee d'Orsay Paris oil on canvas 56 × 46 cm (22 × 18.1 in) +/−
Berthe Morisot 006.jpg
Deutsch: Mutter und Schwester der Künstlerin
Deutsch: National Gallery of Art
Deutsch: Washington (D.C.)
oil on canvas
Deutsch: 101 × 82 cm
The Mother and Sister of the Artist.JPG
English: The Mother and Sister of the Artist
1869/1870 National Gallery of Art West Building +/−
Berthe Morisot 002.jpg
Deutsch: Eugène Manet auf der Isle of Wight
1875 Private collection
Deutsch: Frankreich
oil on canvas
Deutsch: 38,1 × 46 cm
Morisot Portrait of a Woman.jpg Portrait of a Woman (Portrait of Madame Pontillon) 1871 Louvre Museum pastel on paper +/−
Morisot - At the Beach in Nice, 1882.jpg
English: At the Beach in Nice
Svenska: På stranden i Nice
Svenska: Nationalmuseum
English: Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts
English: Stockholm
Svenska: Stockholm
English: Pencil and watercolour
Svenska: Blyerts och akvarell
Eugene Manet and His Daughter at Bougival 1881 Berthe Morisot.jpg Eugène Manet and His Daughter at Bougival 1881 +/−
Brooklyn Museum - Study for La Musique - Berthe Morisot.jpg Study for La Musique circa 1893
charcoal on pink-colored laid paper 42.5 × 39.4 cm (16.7 × 15.5 in) +/−
Berthe Morisot Kind zwischen Stockrosen.jpg
Deutsch: Kind zwischen Stockrosen
1881 Institution:Wallraf-Richartz Museum Cologne oil on canvas 50.5 × 42.5 cm (19.9 × 16.7 in) +/−
Berthe Morisot Caça de borboleta.jpg
Français : La Chasse aux Papillons
Caça de borboleta
Paris +/−
Berthe Morisot 004.jpg
Deutsch: Junges Mädchen mit Käfig
Copenhagen oil on canvas
Deutsch: 73,5 × 60 cm
Berthe Morisot - Psyché.JPG The Cheval-Glass 1876 Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection oil on canvas 65 × 54 cm (25.6 × 21.3 in) +/−