Dacian bracelets

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English: The Dacian bracelets are bracelets associated with the ancient peoples known as the Dacians, a particularly individualized branch of the Thracians. These bracelets were used as ornaments, currency, high rank insignia and votive offerings. Their ornamentations consist of many elaborate regionally distinct styles. Bracelets of various types were worn by Dacians, but the most characteristic piece of their jewelry was the large multi-spiral bracelets; engraved with palmettes towards the ends and terminating in the shape of an wolf head, and the body of an snake. (→Dacian bracelets)
Română: Brățări dacice





By type[edit]



Overlaping ends[edit]

Rolled ends[edit]

Closed ends from wire with twisted ends[edit]

Hook-and-eye closing[edit]

Ribbed bar[edit]

One-spiral bar with engraved end[edit]

Bar plastic decorated with S[edit]

Semi sphere[edit]

Multiple twisted wires[edit]

Decorated band with circles and dotted lines[edit]

With volutes[edit]

With double volutes[edit]

By period[edit]

Bracelets in the transition period North Thracian / proto-Dacian[edit]

La Tène Dacia[edit]

By current location[edit]

Dacian gold jewelry in the repository of Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna[edit]