Dahlia cultivars

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English: Dahlia cultivars. Most (but not all) of the 20,000+ named Dahlia cultivars are derived from the nothospecies Dahlia × hortensis Guillaumin (Formula hybridae: Dahlia coccinea Cav. × Dahlia pinnata Cav.). They are divided into ten main cultivar groups by the International Register of Dahlia Names:


Group 1 Single[edit]

See also: Single Dahlias

Group 2 Anemone[edit]

See also: Anemone Dahlias

Group 3 Collerette[edit]

See also: Collerette Dahlias

Group 4 Waterlily[edit]

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Group 5 Decorative[edit]

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Group 6 Ball[edit]

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Group 7 Pompon[edit]

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Group 8 Cactus[edit]

See also: Cactus Dahlias

Group 9 Semi-cactus[edit]

See also: Semi-cactus Dahlias

Group 10 Miscellaneous[edit]

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Unclassified images of Dahlia cultivars[edit]