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prefixline@Prefix Punctuation(1)The prefix punctuation.(1)
clineandConjunction(1)The conjunction between the last two user names.(1)
pline:Suffix Punctuation(1)The suffix punctuation.(1)
1wiki-user-nameUser 1(1)The first user to mention.(1)
label1line{{{1}}}User 1 Label(1)The label for the first user link.(1)
2wiki-user-nameUser 2(1)The second user to mention.(1)
label2line{{{2}}}User 2 Label(1)The label for the second user link.(1)
3wiki-user-nameUser 3(1)The third user to mention.(1)
label3line{{{3}}}User 3 Label(1)The label for the third user link.(1)
4wiki-user-nameUser 4(1)The fourth user to mention.(1)
label4line{{{4}}}User 4 Label(1)The label for the fourth user link.(1)
5wiki-user-nameUser 5(1)The fifth user to mention.(1)
label5line{{{5}}}User 5 Label(1)The label for the fifth user link.(1)
6wiki-user-nameUser 6(1)The sixth user to mention.(1)
label6line{{{6}}}User 6 Label(1)The label for the sixth user link.(1)
7wiki-user-nameUser 7(1)The seventh user to mention.(1)
label7line{{{7}}}User 7 Label(1)The label for the seventh user link.(1)
8wiki-user-nameUser 8(1)The eighth user to mention.(1)
label8line{{{8}}}User 8 Label(1)The label for the eighth user link.(1)
9wiki-user-nameUser 9(1)The ninth user to mention.(1)
label9line{{{9}}}User 9 Label(1)The label for the ninth user link.(1)
10wiki-user-nameUser 10(1)The tenth user to mention.(1)
label10line{{{10}}}User 10 Label(1)The label for the tenth user link.(1)

TemplateData for Template:Reply to (Q14635514), original work by User:ExE Boss.

Data available under Creative Commons Zero.