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colspannumber4<tr> – `colspan` attribute(1)The value of the `colspan` attribute of the containing <tr> element.(1)
1stringAnchor 1(1)First anchor ID.(1)
2stringAnchor 2(1)Second anchor ID.(1)
3stringAnchor 3(1)Third anchor ID.(1)
4stringAnchor 4(1)Fourth anchor ID.(1)
5stringAnchor 5(1)Fifth anchor ID.(1)
6stringAnchor 6(1)Sixth anchor ID.(1)
7stringAnchor 7(1)Seventh anchor ID.(1)
8stringAnchor 8(1)Eighth anchor ID.(1)
9stringAnchor 9(1)Ninth anchor ID.(1)
10stringAnchor 10(1)Tenth anchor ID.(1)

TemplateData for Template:Table-AnchorRow (Q108258639), original work by User:ExE Boss.

Data available under Creative Commons Zero.