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Creates ‘toolbars’ of links laid out in the same way as the MediaWiki software does.

separatorstringpipeSeparator(1)The separator MediaWiki message name, without the “-separator” suffix.(1)
spanboolean10Use <span>?(1)Whether to wrap the toolbar in a <span> tag with “class="plainlinks"”.(1)
classstringClass Name(1)Additional classes to add to the enclosing <span> tag’s “class” attribute.(1)
stylestringCSS Styles(1)Additional CSS properties to add to the enclosing <span> tag.(1)
1lineItem 1(1)The first item.(1)
2lineItem 2(1)The second item.(1)
3lineItem 3(1)The third item.(1)
4lineItem 4(1)The fourth item.(1)
5lineItem 5(1)The fifth item.(1)
6lineItem 6(1)The sixth item.(1)
7lineItem 7(1)The seventh item.(1)
8lineItem 8(1)The eighth item.(1)
9lineItem 9(1)The ninth item.(1)
10lineItem 10(1)The tenth item.(1)
11lineItem 11(1)The eleventh item.(1)
12lineItem 12(1)The twelfth item.(1)
13lineItem 13(1)The thirteenth item.(1)
14lineItem 14(1)The fourteenth item.(1)
15lineItem 15(1)The fifteenth item.(1)
16lineItem 16(1)The sixteenth item.(1)
17lineItem 17(1)The seventeenth item.(1)
18lineItem 18(1)The eighteenth item.(1)
19lineItem 19(1)The nineteenth item.(1)
20lineItem 20(1)The twentieth item.(1)

TemplateData for Template:Toolbar (Q6872142), original work by User:ExE Boss.

Data available under Creative Commons Zero.