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10281598‎Fernão Cardim‎ | ‎Portugees religieuze (1549-1625)‎
10476078‎Simon Ogar Veron‎ | ‎Footballer‎
11459030‎Kokura Kinen‎
11482384‎Heian Stakes‎
11486054‎Fuchu Himba Stakes‎
11486619‎Takeyoriwake Sho‎
11502872‎Niigata Daishoten‎
11503590‎Niigata Kinen‎
11506650‎Nihon TV Hai‎
11510201‎Nikkei Shinshun Hai‎
11510203‎Nikkei Sho‎
11517435‎Challenge Cup (horse race)‎
11521477‎Sapporo Kinen‎
11524202‎Tokyo Sports Hai Nisai Stakes‎
11524380‎Tokyo Princess Sho‎
11524890‎Tokyo Shimbun Hai‎
11525026‎Tokyo Okan Sho‎
11525143‎Tokyo Kinen‎
11527767‎Tokai Stakes‎
11527769‎Tokai Derby‎
12070184‎Roy Strong‎ | ‎art historian from the United Kingdom‎
1213917‎The Church at Auvers‎ | ‎painting by Vincent van Gogh‎
13142602‎Fritz Maurer‎ | ‎ondernemer‎
13381376‎weightlifter‎ | ‎sportsperson who competes in weightlifting competitions‎
1428015‎Concordat of 1801‎ | ‎peace treaty‎
15621765‎Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants‎ | ‎2013 French-Belgian animated film directed by Hélène Giraud and Thomas Szabo‎
17127489‎St. Laurentius (Gebesee)‎ | ‎church in Thuringia, Germany‎
1766445‎Automeris io‎ | ‎species of insect‎
18200045‎Vitaliy Ganich‎ | ‎Belarusian footballer‎
18242274‎Canecão Apresenta "Maysa"‎ | ‎1969 live album by Maysa‎
18626136‎Jakob Imobersteg‎ | ‎Swiss lawyer and judge (1813-1875)‎
18626140‎Jakob Vogelsanger‎ | ‎Swiss politician (1849-1923)‎
18626290‎Johann Anton Steinegger‎ | ‎Swiss politician (1811-1867)‎
18626293‎Johann Baptista Bavier‎ | ‎Swiss politician (1795-1856)‎
18626295‎Johann Bartholome Arpagaus‎ | ‎Swiss journalist (1810-1882)‎
18626331‎Johann Georg Anderegg‎ | ‎Swiss entrepreneur (1792-1856)‎
18626333‎Johann Georg Böschenstein‎ | ‎Swiss politician (1804-1885)‎
18626341‎Johann Georg Kreis‎ | ‎Swiss merchant and politician‎
18626360‎Johann Jakob Rebmann‎ | ‎Swiss farmer (1846-1932)‎
18626361‎Johann Jakob Steger‎ | ‎Swiss politician (1801-1872)‎
18626380‎Johann Nepomuk Hautle‎ | ‎Swiss farmer (1792-1860)‎
18626389‎Johann Rudolf Vogel‎ | ‎Swiss farmer (1810-1891)‎
18626441‎Johannes Knechtenhofer‎ | ‎Swiss hotel manager (1793-1865)‎
18626459‎Johannes Wild‎ | ‎Swiss politician and manufacturer (1790-1853)‎
18626598‎Joseph Choquard‎ | ‎Swiss politician and entrepreneur (1855-1937)‎
18626609‎Joseph Girard‎ | ‎Swiss politician, lawyer and judge (1815-1890)‎
18628047‎Karl Dellberg‎ | ‎Swiss politician (1886-1978)‎
18628811‎Louis-Eugène Favre‎ | ‎Swiss politician, lawyer and judge (1816-1861)‎
1885659‎Blink‎ | ‎episode of Doctor Who‎
20054428‎Ancient Roman thermae in Beirut‎
21527614‎A Dog's Purpose‎ | ‎2017 film by Lasse Hallström‎
2256009‎list of blind people‎ | ‎Wikimedia list article‎
2452779‎J. A. Preston‎ | ‎American actor‎
25452144‎Castle Cave of Buda‎ | ‎cave in Budapest‎
2559792‎Syarhey Balanovich‎ | ‎Belarusian footballer‎
26224833‎Yevgeniy Zemko‎ | ‎association football player‎
3043829‎Vincent and the Doctor‎ | ‎episode of Doctor Who‎
30489994‎Serotonin transporter polymorphism (5HTTLPR), severe childhood abuse and depressive symptom trajectories in adulthood.‎ | ‎scientific article‎
31184‎sibling‎ | ‎one of two or more individuals having one or both parents in common‎
33788174‎Inhibitory effect of angiotensin II receptor antagonist on hepatic stellate cell activation in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis‎ | ‎scientific article‎
33788185‎Treatment of malignant biliary obstruction by combined percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage with local tumor treatment‎ | ‎scientific article‎
33788193‎Epidemiology of gastric cancer.‎ | ‎scientific article‎
33788198‎Stem cells and cancer: evidence for bone marrow stem cells in epithelial cancers.‎ | ‎scientific article‎
33788203‎Current role of surgical therapy in gastric cancer‎ | ‎scientific article‎
33788215‎Favorable outcomes of hilar duct oriented hepatic resection for high grade Tsunoda type hepatolithiasis.‎ | ‎scientific article‎
33788222‎Differential c-erbB-1 and c-erbB-2 mRNA expression in cancer of the pancreas compared with cancer of the papilla of Vater.‎ | ‎scientific article‎
33788234‎Atrial fibrillation after surgery for esophageal carcinoma: clinical and prognostic significance‎ | ‎scientific article‎
33788244‎Relationship between co-stimulatory molecule B7-H3 expression and gastric carcinoma histology and prognosis‎ | ‎scientific article‎
33788250‎Clinical characteristics and prognostic factors of splenic abscess: a review of 67 cases in a single medical center of Taiwan.‎ | ‎scientific article‎
33788255‎Heat-shocked tumor cell lysate-pulsed dendritic cells induce effective anti-tumor immune response in vivo.‎ | ‎scientific article‎
33788261‎Role of nitric oxide in Toll-like receptor 2 and 4 mRNA expression in liver of acute hemorrhagic necrotizing pancreatitis rats.‎ | ‎scientific article‎
33788273‎TIPSS for variceal hemorrhage after living related liver transplantation: a dangerous indication.‎ | ‎scientific article‎
388319‎Star Trek: Nemesis‎ | ‎2002 American science fiction film directed by Stuart Baird‎
43260221‎Interaction of 5HTTLPR and marijuana use on property offending.‎ | ‎scientific article published in January 2009‎
45250489‎The 5HTTLPR polymorphism, psychopathologic symptoms, and platelet [3H-] paroxetine binding in bulimic syndromes.‎ | ‎scientific article published in January 2005‎
46042071‎Association of trait-defined, eating-disorder sub-phenotypes with (biallelic and triallelic) 5HTTLPR variations.‎ | ‎scientific article published on 21 April 2009‎
46711726‎Association of TPH1, TPH2, and 5HTTLPR with PTSD and depressive symptoms.‎ | ‎scientific article published on 6 April 2012‎
46932673‎The 5HTTLPR polymorphism of the serotonin transporter gene is associated with affective temperaments as measured by TEMPS-A.‎ | ‎scientific article published on 7 February 2006‎
47597478‎Dissocial behavior, the 5HTTLPR polymorphism, and maltreatment in women with bulimic syndromes.‎ | ‎scientific article‎
47858460‎Serotonergic 5HTTLPR/rs25531 s-allele homozygosity associates with violent suicides in male citalopram users.‎ | ‎scientific article published on 13 June 2017‎
50346201‎Facial emotion recognition deficits in relatives of children with autism are not associated with 5HTTLPR.‎ | ‎scientific article published in September 2011‎
51900427‎Short/long heterozygotes at 5HTTLPR and white matter lesions in geriatric depression.‎ | ‎scientific article published in March 2008‎
53097‎Acura‎ | ‎luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company.‎
53482633‎Ivan Berezun‎ | ‎association football player‎
5383901‎Epping railway station‎ | ‎railway and metro station in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia‎
54958357‎Ip Man 4‎ | ‎film directed by Wilson Yip‎
55728172‎Kim Sung-hun‎ | ‎South Korean baseball player‎
58600583‎Homodimerization regulates an endothelial specific signature of the SOX18 transcription factor‎ | ‎wetenschappelijk artikel‎
5983418‎Luis Fernando Hoyos‎ | ‎Colombian actor‎
599035‎Baths of Trajan‎ | ‎archeologische vindplaats in Italië‎
60620935‎P-802 - The structure and connectivity of brain regions involved in emotion processing are modulated by 5HTTLPR x COMT epistasis‎ | ‎wetenschappelijk artikel‎
61919970‎Selena Öztaner‎ | ‎Turkish opera vocalist‎
62631846‎Electrochemically assisted immobilization of biopolymers on TiAl6V4‎ | ‎chapter‎
62734908‎Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy of Biomaterials of Marine Origin‎ | ‎scholarly article‎
62745810‎Characterization of Anodic Oxide Films on Titanium and Titanium Alloys Formed in Neutral Phosphate Electrolytes‎ | ‎scholarly article‎
62806985‎Out of Blue‎ | ‎2018 crime drama film directed by Carol Morley‎
6981454‎Peder Colbjørnsen‎ | ‎Norwegian businessman‎
71799433‎Christian Dandrès‎ | ‎Swiss politician‎
71800029‎Vincent Maitre‎ | ‎Swiss politician‎
71800926‎Michel Matter‎ | ‎Swiss politician‎
723679‎Star Trek: Generations‎ | ‎1994 American science fiction film directed by David Carson‎
72696612‎Hydrocholeresis in rats undergoing hemorrhagic shock‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 December 1965‎
72696614‎Acceleration of noradrenaline turnover in the mouse heart by cold exposure‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 December 1965‎
72697425‎Purpurogallin: in vivo evidence of a novel and effective cardioprotector‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 January 1994‎
72697427‎Effects of phorbol esters on contraction and protein kinase C activation in rabbit aorta‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 January 1994‎
72697430‎Decreased Na,K-ATPase gene expression in cardiomyopathic hamster hearts‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 January 1994‎
72697432‎A study of the physiological mechanisms contributing to neurotensin-induced hypothermia‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 January 1994‎
72698988‎Inhibition of hCG, alpha hCG and progesterone release from human placental tissue in vitro by a GnRH antagonist‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 June 1983‎
72698995‎Distribution of bombesin, somatostatin, substance-P and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide in feline and porcine skin‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 June 1983‎
72702543‎Calcium requirement for the inhibition by theophylline of histamine release from mast cells‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 June 1983‎
72704662‎High resolution of multiple forms of rabbit reticulocyte hexokinase type I by hydrophobic interaction chromatography‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 July 1994‎
73125410‎Jake Rufe‎
73135374‎Solution and solid state structure of an aib-containing cyclodecapeptide inhibiting the cholate uptake in hepatocytes‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 January 1996‎
73135378‎Synthesis and antinociceptive activity of peptides related to interleukin-1 beta 193-195 Lys-Pro-Thr‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 January 1996‎
73135387‎Bicyclic peptides as type I/type II beta-turn scaffolds‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 January 1996‎
73135393‎The immunosuppressory and adhesive miniregion of the human major histocompatibility protein, human leukocyte antigen DQ‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 January 1996‎
73219581‎Threonine(6)-bradykinin: conformational study of a flexible peptide in dimethyl sulfoxide by NMR and ensemble calculations‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 January 1996‎
73219585‎Conformational polymorphism in peptidic and nonpeptidic drug molecules‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 January 1996‎
73280458‎1996: a vintage year for yeast and Yeast‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 December 1996‎
73298021‎Chelation-enhanced fluorescence chemosensing of Pb(II), an inherently quenching metal ion‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 July 1996‎
73317318‎The effect of N-methylation on helical peptides‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 January 1996‎
73391442‎Modulation of protein phosphorylation and stress protein expression by okadaic acid on heat shock cells‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 May 1996‎
73391445‎Specific involvement of glypican in thrombin adhesive properties‎ | ‎scientific article published on 01 May 1996‎
760732‎Naba‎ | ‎language‎
7632319‎Suburban Baths‎ | ‎buildings in Pompeii‎
76823127‎Chinese-Filipino Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Forces in the Philippines historical marker‎ | ‎NHCP historical marker for the Wha-Chi‎
76878482‎Eduard Bezuglov‎ | ‎russian scientist and writer‎
77073054‎Enric Cubas i Oliver‎
77074859‎Emma Dean Powell‎ | ‎Orinthologist and wife of John Wesley Powell‎
77077360‎Writing Historical Fiction and the Huguenots with Kate Mosse‎ | ‎episode of Hidden Histories published on 4 March 2019‎
77077692‎Cowen‎ | ‎Stargate Atlantis character‎
77078798‎Joseph Lister with Lindsey Fitzharris‎ | ‎episode of Hidden Histories published on 27 February 2019‎
77078942‎Öztaner‎ | ‎family name‎
77078946‎Io Moth Automeris io (Fabricius) (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Saturniidae)‎ | ‎article published in 2014‎
77078949‎Bilala‎ | ‎Dialects‎
77078950‎Prostitution with Hallie Ruben-Hold‎ | ‎episode of Hidden Histories published on 4 March 2019‎
77078954‎Luna Moth, Actias (=Tropaea) luna (Linneaus) (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Saturniidae: Saturniinae)‎ | ‎article published in 2007‎
7789602‎Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library‎ | ‎library in the University of Toronto housing a collection of rare books and manuscripts‎
801017‎Kinshichō Station‎ | ‎railway station and metro station in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan‎
801551‎Ueno Station‎ | ‎railway station and metro station in Taitō, Tokyo, Japan‎
851269‎Budapest–Pusztaszabolcs railway‎ | ‎railway line‎
857590‎Makio Inoue‎ | ‎Japanese voice actor‎

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