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English: Daventry is a district, town and a parish in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom.
Español: Daventry es un barrio , ciudad y una parroquia en Northamptonshire, Reino Unido.
Português: Daventry é um distrito , cidade e uma paróquia em Northamptonshire , Reino Unido.

District and Town location[edit]

District, Parish and town location
District, Parish and town location

Daventry on Wikipedia[edit]


Religious buildings[edit]

Holy Cross Church (Exterior)[edit]

52°15′29.9″N 1°09′32.5″W / 52.258306°N 1.159028°W / 52.258306; -1.159028

Holy Cross Church (Interior)[edit]

Daventry Methodist Church[edit]

52°15′37.1″N 1°09′35.6″W / 52.260306°N 1.159889°W / 52.260306; -1.159889

Our Lady of Charity and Saint Augustine Catholic Church[edit]

52°15′29.9″N 1°09′32.5″W / 52.258306°N 1.159028°W / 52.258306; -1.159028

Daventry United Reformed Church[edit]

52°15′24.1″N 1°09′44.9″W / 52.256694°N 1.162472°W / 52.256694; -1.162472

Other Chapels and Churches[edit]

Municipal and administrate buildings[edit]

Daventry and District Council Headquarters[edit]

52°15′36.2″N 1°09′30.9″W / 52.260056°N 1.158583°W / 52.260056; -1.158583

Daventry Magistrates Court[edit]

52°15′22.1″N 1°09′43.1″W / 52.256139°N 1.161972°W / 52.256139; -1.161972

Daventry Police Station[edit]

52°15′22.4″N 1°09′42.4″W / 52.256222°N 1.161778°W / 52.256222; -1.161778

Historical Buildings[edit]

Moot Hall[edit]

52°15′31.5″N 1°09′38.2″W / 52.25875°N 1.160611°W / 52.25875; -1.160611

Wheatsheaf Coaching Inn[edit]

52°15′22.4″N 1°09′44.9″W / 52.256222°N 1.162472°W / 52.256222; -1.162472

Other Historical Buildings[edit]


Buses and Trains[edit]

Streets and avenues[edit]

High Street[edit]

Market Square[edit]

Sheaf Street[edit]

New Street[edit]

Bowen Square[edit]

Brook Street[edit]

St James Street[edit]

London Road[edit]

Church Walk[edit]

North Street[edit]

Foundry Place[edit]

Badby Road[edit]

Monuments and memorials[edit]

Burton Memorial[edit]

52°15′30.3″N 1°09′38.1″W / 52.258417°N 1.160583°W / 52.258417; -1.160583

War Memorial[edit]

52°15′33.4″N 1°09′27.9″W / 52.259278°N 1.15775°W / 52.259278; -1.15775

Twin town commemoration plaques[edit]

52°15′20.5″N 1°09′43.6″W / 52.255694°N 1.162111°W / 52.255694; -1.162111